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Volume N/A - CH 9

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Every kind heart is equal. However, there are differences in human abilities and how much each individual can contribute…


For example, in his previous world, individuals who wanted to protect the environment could only save water and electricity, whereas a certain big shot could plant countless saplings in the desert.


Both actions carried the same kind of sincerity. In fact, a big shot’s kindness might be lesser. After all, other people might be acting whole-heartedly, whereas a big shot was just spending a bit of money and taking a bit of time out of his busy schedule. Undoubtedly, the latter was more capable and could contribute 100 times more than the former.


The small sapling in Lin Yao’s Sea of ​​Consciousness obviously grew based on contribution and not sincerity. Yesterday, Lin Yao had been busy the entire day, but his energy points had only increased by one gram. Today, he’d also been busy the entire day, but because he had bought many toys and snacks and brought more joy to the orphanage’s children, his energy points had reached 180 grams.

‘Money is not everything but it can achieve most things. As long as I have enough money and am willing to spend it, I won’t be short of energy points… Unfortunately, I don’t have money now.’


This was a very sorrowful situation, and even Lin Yao fell silent for a long time.

‘Forget it. I won’t dwell on this anymore. I’ve solved the first problem of the sapling system.’

Lin Yao was happy that he had gotten many energy points at one go. He had found a shortcut to getting energy points and fulfilled the first requirement of the sapling system. However, Lin Yao had more things to worry about.

It was not enough to increase the points in the system. The system evolved from The Ant Forest, and its only ability was to plant trees. Even if Lin Yao were to obtain more energy points, his abilities would also be associated with tree planting.

Sadly, he also had to find a tree to plant on his own.

Fortunately, during the daytime, Lin Yao had not only studied but also researched information on various tree species. Lin Yao’s depressed mood had also livened up after today’s quest for information. He’d discovered that things were probably not as terrible as he had imagined.

‘If I was in the previous world, it would be terrible to only have one ability—in this case, tree planting. However, this world is different. Besides enabling the animals to mutate, the Spirit Energy Revival has also enabled humans to practice martial arts. Plants have mutated as well, and many of them have become king-level monsters that grow in restricted areas. If I can plant such a tree, I’m certain I won’t be weaker than a super-genius.’


As he thought about this, Lin Yao opened his notebook and retrieved the information on this world’s powerful trees, something that he had researched during the day.

As he flipped through the notebook, information on some sp

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