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Volume N/A - CH 24

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“Two bottles? Why don’t you keep one for yourself?”

His parents returned after a busy day and commented upon getting home.

They seemed to want to say something when Lin Yao took out his nutrition drink to share it with Lin Ye and Lin Xiaodie. However, they remained silent.

All of them were their children. They valued Lin Yao, but they also loved Lin Ye and Lin Xiaodie.

In the end, Lin Yao’s father took out a bank card and passed it to him.

“There is 100,000 yuan in it. Take it.”

“Dad, like I said, I am not short of money now. Didn’t I go to register my talent today? The state subsidy amounts to tens of thousands of yuan. You two can take it easy now.”

“Nonsense! We are used to being busy. It’s good to exercise more. Besides, don’t think that I know nothing. A martial artist’s expenses are very high. The more money you have, the better.”

Upon saying that, he forced the bank card into Lin Yao’s hand.

When he saw the stubborn expression on his parents’ faces, Lin Yao sighed. He knew that there was no way to say no to them.

‘Oh, these family’s ties… I remember that I have two chances to apply for gold treasures. One chance can be kept in exchange for the treasure, and the other can be used. I should ask Chief Shi for help. Perhaps, my parents can take on easier jobs.’


Lin Yao’s parents worked in a state-owned enterprise, which was not under the Abnormal Ability Department. However, given the power of the Abnormal Ability Department, it should be easy to lend some help to Lin Yao’s parents.

At the same time, if he sought help from Chief Shi, it would mean that he intended to join the Abnormal Ability Department after his graduation.

Lin Yao had deliberated this seriously before making this decision. In China, the most powerful force was the army, and the next strongest one would be the Abnormal Ability Department.

At the beginning of the Spirit Energy Revival, the Abnormal Ability Department had controlled everything abnormal.

This department was similar to the spirit energy novels in the past, when the government had assigned a large number of elites to join forces and work together.

Although this department no longer held absolute power due to the gradual maturity of the Spirit Energy Revival, it was still responsible for managing talent. Therefore, there had to be a lot of powerhouses and treasures within it.

Most importantly, there was a lot of freedom over there.

‘A gold treasure in exchange for a more carefree life for my parents. It’s worth it.’

Now that he had a plan in mind, Lin Yao accepted the 100,000 yuan.

‘I’m worried about my parents, and my parents are also thinking of ways to raise money for me. This is really a family… I have a strong feeling that this body is my body in the parallel world, and my parents have similar personalities.’

Lin Yao thought of something else and felt worried.

“Dad, Mom, how did you raise so much money? How did you

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