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Volume N/A - CH 40

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‘This is bad…’

As soon as he had this thought, he felt a sword-shaped heavy object hit his chest fiercely, sending him flying upside down.

Although Zhou Yang was physically strong, he was unprepared and he suffered a critical blow that was infused with vital energy, making him almost faint from suffocation. He took a breath but was still unable to open his eyes because of the irritation caused by the light. An instant later, something cold touched his neck before a clear voice was heard in the field.

“Instructor, it’s time to announce the result.”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Yang knew the sword had touched his neck and he had already lost.

However, after the student who practiced the Sword-Drawing Technique or flashing Sword-Drawing Technique called out, there was no response from the instructor.

‘What’s the matter? Perhaps the instructor thinks that this was a sneak attack and didn’t accept this as a win? That should not be the case. Lin Yao didn’t use any non-tactical tricks to affect my concentration. His victory should be valid.”

Zhou Yang found it odd, and Lin Yao had the same sentiment. He turned to check and was shocked to discover that, like Zhou Yang, the instructor had covered one of his eyes with his hand.

He was not the only one who did this. The duel between Lin Yao and Zhou Yang was tense and exciting. Everyone was watching and staring at Lin Yao’s right hand, trying to see if Zhou Yang could be defeated or if Lin Yao’s attempt would be unsuccessful.

However, in addition to Zhou Yang and the instructor, all the students were also blinded by the glaring light. They were rubbing their eyes in pain.

“Ah… My eyes!”

“Damn, this move is too insidious. I won’t comment on the Sword-Drawing Technique. To think that he could come up with a vicious move like the flashing Sword-Drawing Technique!”

“Woo, it hurts… Who dared to touch me?”

Upon seeing the chaos below and the instructor rubbing his eyes, Lin Yao could only wait.

Fortunately, the instructor had a strong physique and was able to recover in no time. However, he stared at Lin Yao with resentment in his eyes. He was upset about being blinded momentarily by the strong light.

“This lad… The winner is Lin Yao.”

Lin Yao had defeated the invincible Zhou Yang. Although Zhou Yang was physically strong, he had yet to use his skills and he had been defeated by Lin Yao.

“Thanks for letting me win.”

Lin Yao remained on the platform. After resting for a while, Zhou Yang could finally open his eyes.

If one looked directly at the flash bomb without protection at close range, one’s eyes might be permanently blinded. Fortunately, there was spirit energy in this world, and the human body was thus much more resistant to everything. Therefore, the effect was only temporary. There was no permanent damage to the body.


Upon seeing that Lin Yao was unwilling to leave the platform, the one-eyed instructor turned to look at Li

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