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Volume N/A - CH 36

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Yan Yan’s question made Qin Xue fall silent for a while. Following that, she said, “I’m sorry, but I still think that students should focus on their studies.”

Upon seeing Qin Xue’s expression, Yan Yan wanted to say something. However, Qin Xue had spoken before she could do so.

“Well, I’m alright. But you… I have this feeling that you’ve changed. This is the first time you’re shunning a man. You used to be indifferent around men, didn’t you?”


Lin Yao was unaware of what was happening outside his home. After returning home, he washed up and went to bed. The next day during the daytime, Lin Yao continued to train his body, making his vital energy seed absorb spirit energy. He then stimulated the light-based vital energy seed to unleash the Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique in order to become proficient at it.

He had three training methods. Physical training would take time, and the vital energy seed also needed time to absorb the spirit energy. Lin Yao could not help it. He had almost finished the nutrient drinks subsidized by the country.

He had taken three bottles a day for the past few days and eight bottles yesterday. In total, Lin Yao had consumed 23 bottles of nutrient drinks. Including the two bottles that he had given to his siblings, Lin Yao only had six bottles left.

These six bottles were not even sufficient for Lin Yao to condense one vital energy seed. After he absorbed six bottles and sunbathed for a day, his vital energy seed only split to form a second seed when it was almost evening.

At the moment, Lin Yao had three vital energy seeds. This also meant he could unleash three martial arts moves.

‘It’s still too little. Chinese citizens who practice military boxing won’t reach a bottleneck until they have 10 seeds. They only need to train their body to compress the blood and aura from the 11th seed onward. As far as the class competition is concerned, my opponents are about a couple of months ahead of me. In that case, they probably don’t have that many vital energy seeds either.’

The arrangements for student-to-class allocation were very realistic. Most of the talented and wealthy students had entered the No.1 High School in the city, and some of the geniuses overlooked had entered the top class of the No.4 High School in the city. The students from ordinary classes had ordinary talent and backgrounds and many did not come from wealthy families.

In his class, Lin Yao’s family situation was the norm. Even for the few top students in his class, it was considered extravagant to consume one nutrient drink per day. According to Lin Yao’s guess, besides Zhou Yang, all his other classmates who had advanced to the martial artist level would only receive a nutrient drink bottle every three or more days.

If ordinary people who had not advanced to martial artists consumed these nutrient drinks, it would naturally widen the gap between them and other students.

However, martial a

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