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Volume N/A - CH 44

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Chapter 44: Unlocking The Gene Lock

If the opponent could unleash 200% of their body strength, while the other party only used 50% of their body strength, that would make a four-fold difference. When one became a warlord and one’s body became firmer and stronger, one could even reach 300% of one’s body strength.

Of course, such an ultimate release of power was considered a killer move. After using it, Di Qiang had to rest and receive treatment, or he would run the risk of damaging his foundation. However, unlocking the gene lock was still very powerful.

Still, this was not what Lin Yao admired the most. Military boxing was meant to work on one’s foundation, and its profound meaning could also be useful for one’s training.

The cultivation of a martial artist was meant to absorb the spirit energy and complement it with the body. Ordinary people could only cultivate unconsciously, while martial artists could condense vital energy seeds to perceive spirit energy. However, it was very difficult to mobilize all the strength within one’s body.

Those who realized the profound meaning of military boxing and unlocked the gene lock could actively mobilize the muscles and tendons of the body, even to the extent of slightly utilizing one’s blood and aura. This meant that such martial artists could manipulate spirit energy and the physical body. Their cultivation speed would definitely speed up as a result.

At the same time, the practice of most combat skills was also somewhat related to the physical body. For example, one had to train the palms to use the Vajra Palm and train the arms in order to use the Sword-Drawing Technique.

When practicing such combat skills, unlocking the gene lock would aid in controlling the body and speeding up the cultivation process.

‘The ultimate strike of unlocking the gene lock is not the strongest, but it is most useful in speeding up the cultivation of a martial artist. Damn, there are so many geniuses in the world. There is Zhou Yang, who has a natural divine power, and Di Qiang, who has a powerful comprehension ability.’

Lin Yao was envious of Di Qiang’s killing move.

The technique necessary to comprehend how to unlock the gene lock was right before Lin Yao. He had even practiced it for several years. However, he could do nothing about the fact that he could not comprehend it.

“Oh, it would be great if there was a way to improve my comprehension ability. When I comprehend and unlock the gene lock, many people will definitely admire me.”

Zhang Heng voiced his thoughts out loud. He sat aside, daydreaming and marveling at Di Qiang’s ability. Meanwhile, Lin Yao was thinking about its feasibility.

‘If I want to realize the profound meaning, apart from going through arduous training, I will need to have a good comprehension ability, which is even more important. However, among the mortals in this world, very few geniuses have a good comprehension ability. Besides, supplements

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