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Volume N/A - CH 60

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Chapter 60: Restorative Training

His body continued to twitch uncontrollably, and it took 30 more minutes before Lin Yao could finally move his fingers slightly.

This scene was witnessed by the senior who had been guarding Lin Yao.

“He’s moving. Junior Brother is conscious. That’s really fast.”

“Is the recovery caused by the power of light that frightening?”

“Okay, stop talking about this. Junior Brother, feel your body quickly and try to recall the sensation of being electrocuted.”

As soon as this was said, Lin Yao’s body twitched even more severely.

Recall? No, there was no need to go to this trouble. Lin Yao’s body would instinctively twitch at the sound of the word “electricity” instantly. This went to show how much Lin Yao feared the electric shock he had experienced earlier.

Senior Sister Jiang Rong was aware that the electrocution process was indeed unbearable. Nevertheless, she still said quickly, “You have to feel and sense the earlier process of being electrocuted. This is the key to using your nerves to unlock the shackles on your body. Otherwise, your earlier pain and suffering will be in vain. Come on!”

“Ah Yao, you can do it.”

The surrounding cheers made Lin Yao overcome his fear and try to recall the pain and suffering he had gone through earlier. However, his body began to twitch madly as soon as he recalled it.

That kind of pain had already been engraved into Lin Yao’s bones and could not be forgotten. Although pain and suffering were not good, they had left a deep impression on him. Lin Yao was able to recall the memory very vividly. Amid the pain and suffering, he successfully recalled the feeling of the electric current running around the inside of his body.

Lin Yao then instinctively used the trace of this feeling on his body. He immediately realized that his control of his body had improved tremendously.

At first, he could only move his fingers after lying down for 1.5 hours. Now, he felt like a patient who had just recovered from a long-term illness. After great difficulty and falling down four times in a row, he finally managed to brace himself up.

“Da, da, da, da…”

Lin Yao wanted to speak, but he was trembling and his teeth were chattering.

“Don’t be anxious. You are already doing very well. Take your time.”

“No, you can’t take your time. Lin Yao, remember the earlier sensation and restore control over your body. Then try your best to get up and practice military boxing. This is the only way to unleash the benefits of the electric current’s development completely.”

Professor Li was the one speaking. He still had that gray-haired, kind look. However, at the moment, Lin Yao had the feeling that he was looking at a demon king.

Nevertheless, amid the fear in his heart, Lin Yao could sense Professor Li’s kind intention. What he had said was correct. If Lin Yao would like to unleash the full effect of the electric current’s stimulation, he would have

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