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Volume N/A - CH 17

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After evaluating the two of them, the evaluation team turned their eyes to Lin Yao.

“Student, you can demonstrate your ability.”

Lin Yao touched the back of his head awkwardly upon hearing this.

“My ability is not very straightforward.”

“It’s okay. As long as you can explain it, we will have a way to test it.”

As a group of veterans who had been stationed in the evaluation team all year round, they had seen many abilities and they naturally would not be stumped. Upon seeing this, Lin Yao told them about his ability.

“My ability is sunlight absorption, which is basically photosynthesis—the same process that a big tree uses to absorb sunlight.”

“Photosynthesis? Buddy, how is your ability useful?”

Jia Shi was the one who made that comment. He was a natural socializer.

Lin Yao did not ignore his question. He also wanted to demonstrate his ability, as he wanted to receive as much money as possible. He was very short of money right now.

“The absorption of sunlight can restore my physical strength, heal small injuries, and speed up my cultivation. The stronger the sunlight, the better the effect of cultivation and the longer the cultivation time…”

“Okay, let’s stop here.”

Lin Yao wanted to explain further but was interrupted by the old man above him.

At the same time, the old man turned to the other two people.

“You two can take the money and go back. You can print the certificate outside. We need time to set up the venue for sunlight absorption.”

“Uh, I still want to have a meal with my two buddies.”

“You can always do it in the future. His test will take some time.”

Since the evaluators had said so, Jia Shi could only leave with the candidate who could lengthen his body parts.

After they left, the soldier who had shocked Lin Yao with his powerful aura suddenly stood up.

“Are you sure you are not mistaken about your light ability?”

The colonel was too close to him. His powerful aura made Lin Yao feel somewhat uncomfortable. In the end, the beautiful lady who had snorted coldly just now rescued Lin Yao from this oppressive aura.

“Alright, Colonel Zhang. Don’t worry. Since he is here, let’s just test him out to see his exact ability.”


Based on their reaction, Lin Yao felt that this light ability seemed different.

However, without waiting for him to ask more questions, the very charming lady above smiled and looked at Lin Yao.

“Student Lin, is that right? Do you have any idea how to demonstrate your ability?”

“Yes, I can practice boxing under the sun. Back when I was just an ordinary person, I could only practice three times without taking nutrients. Right now, depending on the intensity of the sun, I can practice five to six times.”

“In that case, you can go under the sun.”

Soon, everyone came to the yard. While walking, Lin Yao felt that his ability seemed very popular.

‘That is weird. This shouldn’t be the case. Although my abilit

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