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Volume N/A - CH 53

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Chapter 53: Hardened Resolve

The country needed to expand its territory, and powerful figures had a great advantage when it came to achieving that.

Therefore, the government was willing to subsidize them.

The country needed powerful figures, and the city needed them even more.

However, the agents present did not have a say in the amount of subsidies that would be given to a talented person with a gold rating. They apologized and reported Lin Yao’s situation to their higher-ups, awaiting their decision on the amount of subsidies that Lin Yao would receive.

Lin Yao was shocked that they could not make this decision.

‘Do they have to go this far?’

Chief Shi smiled. “Of course, don’t underestimate your talents. Although there may be talented people with diamond ratings in our city, such talented people can’t be retained. Many of them have gone to big cities like Shanghai or the capital. It’s good enough if we retain half of the talented people with gold ratings. In order to retain them and keep the city safe, the leaders will naturally do their best to make them stay.”

After learning about Lin Yao’s talent, the city made up its mind to have him stay there. The agent approached Lin Yao and informed him that they would reward him with extraordinary resources. He would be given a lakeside villa as well.

“Student Lin Yao, after learning about your situation, the city leaders think that it would not be safe for your family to live in the community, and it would not benefit your training either. Therefore, the city has specially rewarded you with a lakeside villa. You will have 70 bottles of nutrition drinks per month and a monthly subsidy of 70,000 yuan. There is no king combat skill in our city, and diamond combat skills may not be suitable for you. However, if you need them, the city will help you trade for them.

“There is also a resource application. The city will be giving you one diamond resource application opportunity. I wonder if you have any other needs?”

The city leaders invested a large sum of money in order to keep Lin Yao in the city. The 70 bottles of nutrition drinks and the villa were nothing. However, the diamond resource application opportunity and the diamond combat skill were very valuable.

Of course, the municipal government could not afford the total cost of the subsidies. Large companies that were based in the city would cover part of the expenses. After all, this was related to the safety of the rich.

To put it bluntly, if there was no way to stop the city from being attacked, there would inevitably be heavy casualties. However, there was no way everyone would be wiped out. With the powerful figures around, they could make an escape, and people who had connections to the powerful figures would have a higher chance of surviving.

Of course, that was the worst-case scenario. In the past ten years, there had been almost no such attacks in China.

Lin Yao was satisfied with t

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