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Volume N/A - CH 50

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By the end of the evening, Lin Yao was able to unleash his vital energy and slash a flying ice bird in the air. On the other hand, Yan Yan was also feeling quite satisfied. The pressure from another martial artist had forced her to become more focused. Overall, both parties had improved their skills.


The sky gradually darkened and the school bell rang, signaling that it was dismissal time. Lin Yao stopped practicing and said, “It’s time. I have to go home.”


After nodding, the two parted ways.

Lin Yao was surprised that he did not encounter any troublemakers on his way home. He felt somewhat disappointed about not getting a chance to use the Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique for some heroic deeds.

Although Lin Yao had been beaten to a pulp by Yan Yan, that did not mean that he was weak. Yan Yan was very powerful. She was one of the top geniuses in No. 4 High School in the city. Lin Yao had topped the class but not the cohort. Furthermore, the top student in the cohort would only be eligible to join the top class, and Yan Yan was already one of the powerhouses in the top class. Therefore, it was not surprising that he had been defeated by Yan Yan. Nevertheless, troublemakers were not necessarily geniuses and might not beat him in a fight.

He was not afraid of other geniuses either. When it came to unlawful brawls, the initiator would always end up in jail, regardless of who the victor was.

In addition, the political background checks in this era were quite strict. Those who bullied the weak without a reason would not be allowed to join many colleges and companies. They might even face restrictions when applying for techniques.

‘I’ve not given it enough thought. It is only during chaotic times when martial artists are in power that people will start a fight mindlessly. In a stable society, one will be messing with their future seriously if they randomly pick a fight.’

Shaking his head, Lin Yao took a turn and headed directly to the Abnormal Ability Department. His second combat skill had arrived.

‘Deafening Thunder Roar. After learning this, I’ll really become unbecoming.’

There were no hiccups in the handover process. The powerhouse who guarded the Heavenly Mirror was only aware that Lin Yao had applied for a combat skill again but did not know the specifics. Naturally, he could not offer Lin Yao any words of advice.

As the mirror reflection appeared, all the information on Deafening Thunder Roar was mapped into Lin Yao’s mind.

‘The Deafening Thunder Roar has the power to terrify… Di Qiang, this duel will be interesting. If you close your eyes and focus on using your hearing when I draw the sword, you will get a surprise.’

The training of Deafening Thunder Roar required the thunderous vital energy seed. Lin Yao didn’t have that, so he naturally could not cultivate it. In addition, the Leaf of Heaven Punishment that he had applied for would not arrive until tomorrow. Ther

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