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Volume N/A - CH 18

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The state and the local authorities would give subsidies separately, and one could receive them concurrently.

Although the 8,000-yuan financial reward, the bottle of nutrition drink, and the silver combat skill could not compare to the resources of very wealthy people, they were already considered good resources.

After all, apart from the combat skill, the nutrition drink and money would all be issued monthly. These payments were pure subsidies, and Lin Yao could also find another job.

Of course, there were some differences between state subsidies and local subsidies. Lin Yao could only receive local subsidies in the city (school trips not included). Once he left the city, they would automatically become invalid. State subsidies were for Chinese citizens, so one could receive them regardless of where one was.


However, as Lin Yao was thinking about how to use the 8,000 yuan, the colonel spoke up with a stern expression.

“Bear this in mind: Before you receive the state subsidies, you are just a civilian. When there is a crisis, the first thing that comes to mind is escaping to a shelter or seeking help from the army and the armed police. We will do our best to protect you. However, if you receive the subsidy, you will be considered a militia. When the country is in danger, you must not back down. Otherwise, you will be subjected to military law.”

Although every citizen was considered a soldier, there were still some differences between regular soldiers and ordinary people who only went through basic training. Therefore, this was where the militia filled in the gap. They were not professional soldiers, but they were the country’s first strategic reserve.

Lin Yao did not care about this. “I’ve known this for a long time. If beasts really invade the city, I will have no place to run either.”

It was actually rare for the country to recruit militia. After all, China was different from other places. There were many people there, and some of them were passionate men who were willing to join the army. Some people even had to prove their talent and connections to join the military. This was unlike other countries, where conscription was mandatory.


Under normal circumstances, the military could solve anything. Once neither the military nor the armed police could solve something, the entire city would be in a crisis. In that case, there was no way Lin Yao could avoid his responsibilities. Therefore, almost all geniuses would join the militia establishment.


Upon seeing that Lin Yao already understood his responsibilities, the officer nodded in satisfaction and told Lin Yao, “You have yet to pass the college entrance examination. You cannot reject militia recruitment. However, this will only apply after you graduate from college. Before that, you are still a fledgling. Thus, when you are in danger, don’t hesitate to run right away.”


As long as they were not at their wit’s end,

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