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Volume N/A - CH 14

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‘I can’t compete with martial artists like Yan Yan at school, but I may stand a chance in my class.’

As expected, the rewards for the class competition would not be comparable to that of the school and the city competitions. However, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat.


‘A genius needs resources as well. Although I’m advancing very quickly now, it’ll be faster if I get some resources. I have to give this competition a try.’


Lin Yao had some plans in mind. ​However, he frowned very soon, as he discovered something. There were only seven days to this holiday. After today, only six days would be left. His cultivation progress had only reached 90.40% so far.


Lin Yao had awakened, and his training speed had increased. He had also optimized his training time by practicing longer at noon to increase his limit by 1% every day. At noon, when the sun was at its strongest, Lin Yao’s one round of training was equivalent to five rounds of his in the past.

More importantly, the extremely hot sun could make Lin Yao recover faster and consume less energy. He could train six to seven times in a row. As long as he planned well, he would be able to increase his body limit by 1% a day.

However, despite this improvement, it would take him 10 days to reach 100%. He only had six days left.

‘I need to think of something. First of all, I obviously can’t overwork my body. I’d rather forgo the rewards than injure my body.’


He did not want to overwork his body, but he also wanted to speed up his training. Soon, Lin Yao thought of nutrition drinks.

The drinks, coupled with sunlight absorption, would increase his training efficiency and it would be possible to train for more than two hours in one go.

‘But I don’t have any money and I can’t ask my parents for more. I also ran out of savings at home. Forget it, I won’t think about it anymore. I’ll go to the orphanage now.’


He had been practicing martial arts for the entire day, but Lin Yao had not forgotten about the affairs of the orphanage. He had to start there if he wanted to get energy points in the future.

After speaking to his parents, Lin Yao jogged to the orphanage.

Because the sun had already set, he found his body reverting to its previous state. If he were to train at this time, his training efficiency would be only one-third or even one-fifth of his daytime efficiency and he would manage to have fewer rounds of training. His body would be exhausted after three rounds of training.


‘There is no sunlight for me to recharge at night.’


Judging from the difference between day and night, Lin Yao knew what to choose.

‘From now on, physical training should take place during the day as much as possible, and I’ll study and perform other tasks at night.

‘Unfortunately, I’ve run out of money. If I had enough money, I might be able to accumulate 1,000 grams of energy to grow the Tree of Light s

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