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Volume N/A - CH 59

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Chapter 59: A Hellish Experience

Professor Li told Lin Yao to believe in himself and try to sense the electric current flowing in his body. Lin Yao instinctively tried to do so.

However, his pain intensified.

To sense the flow of the current from the electric shock was undoubtedly akin to rubbing salt into an open wound. The agitation of the current was already horrible, and Lin Yao simply could not tolerate the feeling of actively sensing it.


Lin Yao could only howl loudly to minimize the pain and numb the itchy sensation coming from the depths of his bone marrow.

Upon seeing Lin Yao trembling all over, foaming at the mouth, and looking dazed from the electrocution, the male researchers who had been force-fed the public display of affection earlier finally managed to vent their frustration.

As for Wang Wu, he was trembling along with Lin Yao. He would soon be experiencing what Lin Yao was going through now.

‘Damn it! If I had known this, I would have gone first. I feel even more scared now.’

The horrible electric shocks continued. The reason was unknown, but the more this continued, the sharper Lin Yao’s senses became and the worse the pain and numbness got. Lin Yao’s voice had turned hoarse due to the excruciating pain. He could no longer think. His mind had turned blank, and only feelings of hurt and pain remained.

Besides, the electrocuted Lin Yao had a feeling that time had slowed down. A second in the outside world felt as long as one minute, making it extremely hard to endure this.

Another minute later, Lin Yao also wet his pants. He had completely lost control of his body, and only the instinctive trembling and howling remained.

Three minutes passed under these circumstances. Senior Sister Jiang Rong’s heart ached for Lin Yao, and she glanced at Professor Li immediately.

“Time is up. It’s time to stop. Junior Brother’s body will get injured if this continues.”

Although the electric current integrated into the spirit energy contained two opposing abilities—the power of destruction and the power of life—it was always easier to destroy than to build.

The nerves of ordinary humans could be easily destroyed, and although talented people with thunder abilities were compatible with thunder and lightning, they could at most persevere for three minutes at a time in the beginning.

Under normal circumstances, it would indeed be time to remove the stimulation from Lin Yao’s body.

However, Professor Li, who was looking at the graphs, spoke at that moment. “Hold on.”

“Hold on? Professor, his body…”

“His body is very strong. Don’t look at it. Look at those electrograms. Have you forgotten the knowledge I’ve passed on to you? The electrograms show that he can withstand this for a longer period of time.”

Professor Li’s words made everyone turn to look at the surrounding electrograms. After looking at the graphs, everyone discovered that Lin Yao’s body had not reached

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