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Volume N/A - CH 45

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Chapter 45: Project Thunder God

Lin Yao knew about the plan for everyone to achieve stellar success. This was a plan that aimed for all human beings to achieve excellence. The 13th Military Boxing was among the research results.

But how could it be possible for a country to put all its eggs in one basket? In addition to ancient martial arts, such as military boxing, there were other plans and projects as well.

There was another project for large-scale cultivation of spirit plants so that every household would plant a Bodhi Tree. There was also Project Heavenly Abode, as well as Project Spirit Energy Bottle. All these were sub-projects of the big plan for everyone to succeed tremendously.

Apart from China, other countries had been undertaking various studies and research. According to some online sources, the West was working on melting the blood of monsters to strengthen one’s body, while Japan was focused on taming beasts and ghosts and turning them into Shikigami[1] so that everyone would have their own monster. As for America, which was opposing China, with the help of advanced technology, people there were working on mixing genes and performing genetic mutations. This was similar to Western Europe but more radical.

It could be said that the Spirit Energy Revival had resulted in a major change in the world, and in order for mankind to regain the pinnacle position of this great evolution, the big countries were doing their best to advance to higher levels.

The person who submitted the answers was a member of the research institute. Of course, such research had to be kept confidential. They could only reveal projects that were successful and had been applied or had failed.

The fusion of monsters in Western Europe, the Shikigami in Japan, the genetic modification in America, as well as the military boxing in China, were all feasible methods that had been widely practiced in society. This was why Lin Yao found information on them on the Internet.

The project that he had just found had not had the same fate. After reading the comments, Lin Yao found out that this project had failed 10 years ago.

While thinking about it, he read the reply of the person who had answered questions posed by others.

“As we all know, even when it comes to the Spirit Energy Revival, the world still abides by the law of energy conservation, which applies to martial artists as well. The stronger the martial artist, the more spirit energy they need to consume. They need a lot of energy for training and advancing to other levels. Although low-level martial artists do not need to consume so much energy, there are many low-level martial artists. Therefore, the entire world is facing a shortage of energy.

“Thanks to the Spirit Energy Revival, energy is distributed all over the world and is becoming more and more intense, yet this is still not enough for everyone in the country to practice, especially if millions of soldiers and civi

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