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Volume N/A - CH 61

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Chapter 61: The Harvest After the Pain

As he sank into his Sea of Consciousness, Lin Yao still remembered what his attributes had been like before he had come to the research institute.

[Name: Lin Yao]

[Race: Human]

[Age: 17]

[Existing Energy: 1,400 grams (it has increased by 200 grams after the upgrade to the Tree of Heaven Punishment yesterday)]

[Other Energy: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Thunder 100 grams, Light 0 grams]

[Cultivation Method: 13th Military Boxing (Real Success 100%; Gold)]

[Realm: Martial Artist (4 vital energy seeds), Iron Person (1%)]

[Combat Skill: 1st move of the Clear Mirror Swordsmanship (Proficiency 40%) (Gold), (Deafening Thunder Roar (Unlearned))]

[Tree Planted Now: Tree of Light (Seedling 0/30,000 ) (Silver Person), Tree of Heaven Punishment (Seedling 0/100,000 ) (Silver Person)]

[Talents: Armored Body of Light, Good and Evil Distinguishment, Heavenly Thunder LV1]

These had been the attributes before the electric shock. After the electric shock, some of Lin Yao’s attributes remained unchanged, but other attributes had undergone an earth-shaking transformation.

The first change was the realm.

Realm: Martial Artist (7 vital energy seeds), Iron Person (4%)]

After one round of electric shock, Lin Yao had obtained three more vital energy seeds and his physical evolution had increased by 3%. This was the result of the development of the physical body via electric current stimulation.

Besides, this development was not over yet. After he trained by following the instructions of Professor Li, Lin Yao’s physical progress increased by another 1% and reached 5% in less than half a day. However, the number of vital energy seeds remained seven due to the absence of electrical power.

Nevertheless, a physical realm of Iron Person 5% meant that Lin Yao’s upper limit had now increased. Besides having his physical strength increase by 5%, like Zhou Yang, who had not developed his physical body, he could also condense 15 vital energy seeds (10 seeds for a Human Body Limit of 100%).

At the same time, Lin Yao’s gains were not restricted to the physical realm and vital energy. His Heavenly Thunder LV1 had also improved tremendously due to the electric current stimulation.

[Heavenly Thunder Manipulation LV1 (20%): Thunderbolt is the Tree of Heaven Punishment’s method of punishing the enemy. Because of human worship, as well as the rules of heaven, the thunderbolt from the Tree of Heaven Punishment belongs to Heavenly Thunder and can cause a great deal of shock and damage to evil people.]

[Note: After in-depth development, the host has gained a deeper understanding of the power of electricity and his proficiency of Heavenly Thunder Manipulation has increased by 20%.]

Although Lin Yao had gone through a near-death experience this time, his gains from it were astounding.

“The Project Thunder God created by China is indeed brilliant. A single round of electri

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