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Volume N/A - CH 9

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Translator: Yonnee


Chapter 9

After going out of the Princess’ Palace with Ellie, Siervian walked forward as she recalled the food waste incident.

In her past life, a luxurious carriage passed through the slums threw out some things. It was obviously garbage, but the kids in the slums were attracted by the smell. And when they saw what was inside, it was all gourmet food that was barely touched.

’I’ve never seen such a healthy meal…!

At first, the children who found out about this considered themselves lucky if they came across the carriage. It was like some fortune was being bestowed upon them by the nobles.

But soon, things took a turn.

’This is all from the palace?’

‘Not even just once or twice!’

‘I saw everything! I’m sure they threw away all this food last time, too!’

People had spread rumors that the carriage came from the Princess’ Palace. All kinds of malicious rumors swarmed throughout the slums.

It was quick for the starving underprivileged to get angry.

’I’m sure she’s been doing this many times, wasting food everyday.’

Rumors then spread throughout the capital, to the point that even the nobles had it on their lips.

The Emperor was a man that the entire continent was afraid of, yet he had no weaknesses in state affairs. Public sentiment was also an important part of state affairs, so it was natural that he came to her to check if these allegations were true.


Siervian didn’t remember much about this time in the past. She had been too young, but… she could clearly remember her father’s cold gaze as he looked down at her.

Her father asked her something, and even as she was terribly intimidated, she replied’The snacks… aren’t… yummy…’

Siervian remembered for sure that this was what she said.

After hearing her answer, her father turned around wordlessly. She still couldn’t forget the look he gave her—one that was full of disappointment.

‘But now I think I know why I said that.’

She had already been eating the food that Sarah was giving to her. Even when she was younger, she had been forced to eat hard bread and pepper soup every day.

Of course she had no other choice but to answer like that.

“I only wealized now what happened.”

The food waste incident had a very bad effect on Siervian’s image. She now had to be careful about everything so that she wouldn’t be seen as extravagant. In the first place, she couldn’t even imagine eating something and complaining about the food.

“Princess? Did you say something?”

Ellie approached her because she saw that Siervian’s little cheeks had moved slightly.

“It’s nothin’.”

“Do your legs hurt?”


Siervian had been wondering for a long time about the rumors that followed her back in the past. However, there was no doubt that she answered in that way.

‘It’s my fault, so I have to take responsibility—tha

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