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Volume N/A - CH 10

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Translator: Yonnee


Chapter 10

She wouldn’t be in danger because she was inside the palace anyway. Ellie also told her that she could do whatever she wanted.

It was unrefined logic that only a child would believe, but Siervian didn’t realize this and quickly left her bed.

‘I’ll go to the back garden.’

As she walked out of the room carefully, the other parts of the palace were silent, like there really was no other person there.

No matter how little the work should be, shouldn’t there be someone who’s staying here? It was strange.

Was Ellie in charge of all the work in the afternoon?

It looked as though she was used to kitchen work, but Siervian didn’t know if Ellie had prepared dinner herself.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that there was too much work for just one maid to do. Didn’t her father say that he’d send in more maids soon?

But… Let’s focus on what’s in front for now.

Perhaps it’s because she became younger, but she was now afraid of the dark.

Siervian walked out quickly and came out to the bright moonlight’s illumination, and the garden looked shabbier at night.

She hurried and went to the back garden where she could see a little bit of light. Apart from the kitchen, it was a good path towards another palace.

“There’s nothing here…”

She was scared, so she talked to herself, but Siervian stayed vigilant.

She thought there might be something hidden in the garden, but it was a thought in vain. It was vacant apart from the weeds that sprouted from the ground.

‘When Sarah disappeared, did the future change?’

If that’s the case, then she was glad. She still didn’t understand why the high-quality food was purposely thrown out.

‘What do I do now?’

As she considered her thoughts, Siervian passed through the small wooden door out the back garden. She didn’t know the path exactly, but she somewhat knew which direction to go.

Since she came out like this, she was motivated to find medicine for Ellie’s sibling.

‘I wish I had some Cassia.’

Cassia flowers bloomed in places where mana was overflowing, so they were rarely found in the wild. Inside the palace, however, there was a patch that held more than wild grass.

There were also many Cassia flowers in the garden of the Magic Tower. They used the flowers for their own purposes, so they let them bloom there.

‘I think it’s this way.’

With the baseless confidence unique to a stray child, Siervian marched forward. Her legs were suddenly energized as she thought that she could do something to help Ellie.

When she went over one door like that, it suddenly felt like her surroundings became bright.


Around her were lilac flowers that bloomed like stars.

The small purple flowers fluttered and shook, the heavily adorned branches bowing down due to the weight of its blossoms.

The moon was bright today, giving the illusio

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