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Volume N/A - CH 6

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Chapter 6

Ellie told me that the Emperor would never call Siervian unless it was for dinner. So today’s meeting must have some purpose.

‘But why is he upset?’

Siervian carefully read her father’s mood. Thanks to the status window, she could make up for her mistakes.

‘I have to do well.’

It was surprising that her father showed some concern when she got sick, but she didn’t know when he would turn away from her again.

What happened in her previous life had yet to happen. If she continued to act like a good daughter, then maybe her fate could be changed.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

At her father’s prompting, Siervian looked at the snacks on the table.

It all looked so delicious.

She could tell even as she hadn’t taken a bite yet. She knew they’d instantly melt in her mouth.

There were several types of chocolate madeleines and cookies, and there was a snow-like cream atop several cakes. The honeyed macarons glistened, tempting her effectively.

‘Should I eat just one?’

She stared longingly at the delicious desserts, but then a status window suddenly popped up in her periphery. It was the Emperor’s thoughts once again, still suspiciously soft and warm.

[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]

Thoughts: Aren’t you a little too thin? Or is it because you’re so cute that it makes my dear Siervian smaller in my eyes?

The small child in question read her father’s thoughts, bewildered. Ellie said the same thing about her this morning, that she was too skinny.

‘Maybe it’s the clothes I’m wearing.’

Before, she would always be wrapped up in weird clothes that were more like layered fabric masquerading as a dress, as if to make her look bigger.

Today, she wore a light dress with simple frills, so it was no wonder that she looked smaller than before.

‘But I’m not allowed to eat snacks.’

The desserts all looked so delicious. It wasn’t easy to resist her young instinct’s urge to gobble them all up.

Sarah never allowed Siervian to eat snacks in her previous life.

The first time she ever ate anything sweet was at her pre-debutante celebration at the age of fourteen, and she still hadn’t forgotten the taste.

‘After that, a rumor arose that I couldn’t eat sweets at all.’

To be more precise, there were just too many eyes watching her at the banquet hall that it made her feel uncomfortable. If she acted out of line just once, even a little bit, the news would immediately reach the Empress, and she’d definitely become the center of attention, in a bad way.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll have something else brought out.”


“. . .”

[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]

Mood: Surprised by ♡ my daughter’s ♡ new look

Thoughts: I can’t believe you even answer so cutely. As expected of my daughter.

What was that just now?

As Siervian shifted her gaze towards the snacks, she thought about the past. She couldn’t understand why her father’s thoughts were like this.

The Emperor

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