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Volume N/A - CH 2

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Chapter 2

Apparently, she became young again.

After mulling it over again and again for the past few days, Siervian finally admitted it.

“The dispway cabinet is still fwine . . .”

Seeing as the blue jeweled cabinet was still intact, it’s clear that this was a period before she turned eight years old.

It was her favorite cabinet, but one day she came back to her room and found it broken. From that day on, there was a rumor that the Imperial Princess went on violent rampages.

“My hand . . . why dwon’t I have any stwength . . .”

Sensitive to the changes around her, Siervian stared at the cabinet and gripped her spoon once more.

The daze continued in the next couple of days. At first, she thought it was a dream, but then later realized that it was all too realistic.

She wouldn’t be able to remember her childhood with this much detail.

[ Sarah ]

Thoughts: What’s wrong with this kid these days. How annoying.

Sarah was smiling sweetly, but beside her were those words on the window.

Over the past few days, Siervian confirmed that Sarah’s thoughts on the window changed according to her actions.

If the sentences shown in that window really showed Sarah’s thoughts, then the smiles that Siervian used to find solace in were all fake.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere, Princess?”

“I’m okaaay.”

Siervian’s pronunciation was off because she still couldn’t adapt to her young voice. The same was true for the little hand that gripped her spoon.

This was definitely the Princess’s Palace where she grew up, but now everything was too big and too high up.

“Go ahead and eat now.”

If she acted like she did as before, she would have thought the soup was meant to be eaten before it was cooled down, even if she couldn’t taste anything.

Sarah was still smiling.

But the translucent window in front of her was saying something else.

[ Sarah ]

Thoughts: How many times should I repeat myself. Ugh.

The font on the window changed from time to time as it portrayed the true feelings of the window’s owner.

Siervian decided to call it a ‘status window’.

‘I’m really surprised I can see their thoughts like this . . . even though the content is shocking.’

Today, the soup was sour and tasteless. It didn’t have any solid ingredients, and there was too much of the pepper she hated.

“If you continue being picky, His Majesty will get mad.”

As Siervian lowered her hand, the Emperor rose to the forefront of her mind. Every time she thought of him, Siervian’s expression would harden as she was reminded of the bright light that the death penalty tool emitted.

She wouldn’t be able to forget it.


Aside from the status window, Siervian had another dilemma.

“Pepper, bad!”


Even though it was a lousy meal, a princess must still always embody elegance.

That’s how it was. She knew this.

But her body was rejecting it.

“This is

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