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Volume N/A - CH 3

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Chapter 3

“What are you looking so intently at?”

The emperor asked Siervian, who was staring blankly at her father’s status window. His blue eyes, as cold as the wind of the north, pierced directly through hers.

It was the cold, heartless gaze she remembered.

“You’re not running away from me today.”

[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]

Thoughts: She’s looking at me longer this time. Maybe she grew up a little. I should have come earlier. I’ll leave you alone this time, you damn Duke.

The Emperor walked closer to where Siervian was sitting and looked down at his daughter. A heavy silence descended upon the air around them.

She could remember what happened until this point.

But . . .

[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]

Favorability: +100

Thoughts: Everytime I see her, she gets lovelier and lovelier. I can’t believe how prettily she sparkles. Is the God of Mana playing tricks on me? As expected, I should celebrate this auspicious day. The festival should be named ‘Mana God’s Trick Anniversary’.

The silence stretched further. On the other hand, the status window was being too noisy.

She didn’t know which was more shocking, this or—no, no. This was infinitely more shocking.

‘My father? To me? Really? But why . . . ?’

Siervian’s clothes today were luxurious, but they didn’t look good on her at all. Well, it’s not to the point that anyone should be raving about it.

. . . She was terrified of him just a while ago, but seeing his thoughts like this made her fear go away.

‘I can’t believe it . . . If this is how Father thinks, then . . .’

A strange feeling enveloped Siervian. Was her father like this the entire time in her previous life?

No. He wouldn’t have let her die if that was the case.

“I need to go now.”

[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]

Thoughts: Is this the limit? But we’ve been together for one whole minute today. I should order a memorial tree to be planted in my palace’s garden to commemorate this day.

Dreadfully confused, Siervian reflexively clenched the skirt of her dress.

As soon as the Emperor saw her small, tiny hands turning white, he thought that he should go and come back next time.

Feeling his gaze on her, Siervian soon figured out the situation.

‘Come to think of it, you said I wasn’t running away today.’

If she remembered right, was it at this time of the year that she was hiding from her father?

Still, her body wouldn’t move at all. It was exactly the behavior of a little girl who was scared.

“I’ll be back next week.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

It was then that Sarah’s strange status window appeared.

[ Sarah ]

Thoughts: Haaa, this week, too. Do you have to come here every time? Not much happens anyway.

Siervian’s father seemed to visit every week to check up on her. It must be that those dresses in her closet were meant to clothe her in some semblance of reasonable fashion.

“It’s a relief, Your Majesty. The Princess didn’t run away

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