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Chapter 1

How did this happen?

“You devil!”

“Go ahead and die! You evil wench!”

The outraged crowd doubled down on Siervian as if they were pummeling her whole body mercilessly.

It was already difficult to continue trudging forward with these magic restraints on her body, but it was the harsh criticism all around her that made her stumble.

“Throw some trash over!”

“Yeah! Throw it!”

Something was flung straight at me, hitting the back of my head with a thud.

The guards tried to stop it, but it was already too late. The guards barely made a move to do so, anyway.

The rancid stench of food waste wove into her hair.

“Rotten food just for you, you damn wench!”

“There are children starving!”

Tying to pay them no mind, Siervian continued her march silently.

“There’s a limit to luxury!”

The mob grew angrier when Siervian did not respond, but unbeknownst to them, her lips curled up at the mention of ‘luxury’. I tried my best, but it was still just ‘luxury’.

It’s unfair.

“Didn’t they say she goes on violent rampages? The people at the palace couldn’t even describe how harsh it was for them.”

“How is it possible that this kind of princess came from the saint-like Emperor . . . ”

Those in the crowd who had nothing in their hands to throw instead whispered amongst themselves in a purposely loud voice for her to hear.

With the exception of one person, the entire capital was thrown into a celebratory mood as if there was a festival. News of the wicked woman’s execution fuelled the curious madness permeating the air, finally facing persecution for her luxury and indulgence.

‘It’s really unfair.’

Their brimming emotions were slowing her pace. She wanted to lift her head proudly and declare that she never did any such thing.

“And she also mastered black magic? I’m telling you, she’s gone crazy.”

“She doesn’t deserve to be a princess.”

She wanted to raise her head, but at these condemning words, she cowered once more.

That it was unjust, that it wasn’t the case—even if she said so, nothing would change. No one would believe her. It had been like this for a long time.

‘As those people said, I really don’t deserve the position.’

She was rigorously educated to become a rightful princess.

She never rebelled. She didn’t even remember her own childhood because she had to commit herself fully.

She did all that, yet this was the result.

“Ooohh . . . !”

“That person? She’s the evil witch?”

It grew harder for her to raise her head when innocent children’s voices joined in the jeering. She continued trudging forward.

As she had been imprisoned for a prolonged period, her feet quickly grew cold. Though the temperature around the Empire’s capital was being controlled by magic, it was still torturous to walk barefoot outside. Blood gradually began to trickle from the cuts on her feet.


But no one cared, so no one gave her any s

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