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Keyboard Immortal

Author: Monk of the Six Illusions

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Updated: 2021-10-12 22:57:23

Latest chapter: Chapter 624: I Want You...

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《Keyboard Immortal》Latest chapter
Chapter 624: I Want You...
Chapter 623: Blood Moon Rises, Hell is Unleashed
Chapter 622: Toying With the Heart
Chapter 621: An Accidental Meeting
Chapter 620: Stunning Beauty
Chapter 619: Embrace of Death, Part Two
Chapter 618: Scammer
Chapter 617: Am I Really Going to Lose an Arm?
Chapter 616: Come and Go as We Please
Chapter 615: Wheel of the Crescent Moon
Chapter 614: An Astonishing Attack
Chapter 613: Grandmaster
《Keyboard Immortal》' main text
Chapter 624: I Want You...
Chapter 623: Blood Moon Rises, Hell is Unleashed
Chapter 622: Toying With the Heart
Chapter 621: An Accidental Meeting
Chapter 620: Stunning Beauty
Chapter 619: Embrace of Death, Part Two
Chapter 618: Scammer
Chapter 617: Am I Really Going to Lose an Arm?
Chapter 616: Come and Go as We Please
Chapter 615: Wheel of the Crescent Moon
Chapter 614: An Astonishing Attack
Chapter 613: Grandmaster
Chapter 612: Two-Faced Woman
Chapter 611: Protector’s Silhouette
Chapter 610: The Only One Who Knows
Chapter 609: Long-Haired Master
Chapter 608: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, But My Opponent is Too Strong!
Chapter 607: Exposed
Chapter 606: The Sorrow of Parting
Chapter 605: Reunion
Chapter 604: Who's Threatening Who?
Chapter 603: A Man Among Men
Chapter 602: Empress’ Flight
Chapter 601: Interrogation
Chapter 600: Insider Details
Chapter 599: Explosion After Reconnection
Chapter 598: Repaying Evil with Evil
Chapter 597: A Tragic Sight
Chapter 596: How is this Possible?
Chapter 595: Vicious Tactics
Chapter 594: Falling into Your Own Trap
Chapter 593: A Dangerous Job
Chapter 592: Questioning Life
Chapter 591: Midnight Visitor
Chapter 590: Leading a Wolf into your Home
Chapter 589: Mistaken Identity
Chapter 588: Your Persona is Falling Apart!
Chapter 587: The Devil Sect’s Retaliation
Chapter 586: A Deal
Chapter 585: Girl on Girl?
Chapter 584, Part II: Murong Qinghe
Chapter 584, Part I: Murong Qinghe
Chapter 583: Kindred Spirits
Chapter 582: Phoenix Man
Chapter 581: No Middle Path
Chapter 580: A Chill Between his Legs
Chapter 579: An Historical First
Chapter 578: Unfathomable Might
Chapter 577: Meeting the Emperor
Chapter 576: A Young Noble Lady
Chapter 575: The Crown Princess
Chapter 574: Dumbstruck
Chapter 573: Entering the Palace
Chapter 572: Beyond Her Understanding
Chapter 571, Part II: The Shadow Group
Chapter 571, Part I: The Shadow Group
Chapter 570: One Step, One Kill
Chapter 569: Younger Brother-In-Law and Younger Sister-In-Law
Chapter 568: Pretty Features
Chapter 567: The Capital City
Chapter 566, Part II: Scandal
Chapter 566, Part I: Scandal
Chapter 565, Part II: The Most Badass Little Miss Perfect in the Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 565, Part 1: The Most Badass Little Miss Perfect in the Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 564: No, You Came at the Perfect Time
Chapter 563: What it Means to Court Disaster
Chapter 562: The Embrace of Death
Chapter 561: Fatal Red Lips
Chapter 560, Part II: Unstoppable
Chapter 560, Part I: Unstoppable
Chapter 559, Part II: A Falling Out
Chapter 559, Part I: A Falling Out
Chapter 558, Part II: The Mysteries of Life
Chapter 558, Part I: The Mysteries of Life
Chapter 557: The First Valkyrie
Chapter 556: New Function Unlocked
Chapter 555, Part II: Heaven-Devouring Sutra
Chapter 555, Part I: Heaven-Devouring Sutra
Chapter 554, Part II: The Final Boss
Chapter 554, Part I: The Final Boss
Chapter 553: The Marrying Maiden
Chapter 552: New Rivals, Old Hatreds
Chapter 551, Part II: A Match Made in Heaven
Chapter 551, Part I: A Match Made in Heaven
Chapter 550: Shooting Oneself in the Foot
Chapter 549: I Want to Try it too!
Chapter 548: Reincarnation
Chapter 547: Dream, or Reality?
Chapter 546: Buried in Work
Chapter 545: The End?
Chapter 544: Testing the Heart
Chapter 543: A Crumbling Heart
Chapter 542: Cards on the Table
Chapter 541: Blind Confidence
Chapter 540: A Pure and Innocent Female Spy
Chapter 539: Business or Pleasure
Chapter 538: Childhood Sweethearts
Chapter 537: A Maid’s Contempt
Chapter 536: Who's the One with the Problem?
Chapter 535: A Happy Coincidence
Chapter 534: A Crisis
Chapter 533: My King, There's Bad News!
Chapter 532: What Exactly is Being Tested?
Chapter 531: The Unexpected Beginning of a Trial
Chapter 530: Roiling and Churning
Chapter 529: The Destined Ones
Chapter 528: Let’s Make a Deal
Chapter 527: Going Against the Grain
Chapter 526: A Victim of Violence
Chapter 525: Ya Zhang’s Tomb
Chapter 524: A Young Lady’s Request
Chapter 523: The Girl From the Netherworld
Chapter 522: Controlled
Chapter 521: Guman Tong
Chapter 520: An Underground Tunnel
Chapter 519: An Offering
Chapter 518: Turn Back Now
Chapter 517: A Strange Elevated Pavilion
Chapter 516: Natural Enemies
Chapter 515, Part II: Show Me What You've Got!
Chapter 515, Part I: Show Me What You've Got!
Chapter 514: A Strange Mural
Chapter 513: A Flash of Cold Light
Chapter 512, Part II: A Stone Gate above White Bones
Chapter 512, Part I: A Stone Gate above White Bones
Chapter 511, Part II: Hidden Affection
Chapter 511, Part I: Hidden Affection
Chapter 510: At Death's Door
Chapter 509: Ancient Beast
Chapter 508, Part II: On the Verge of Despair
Chapter 508, Part I: On the Verge of Despair
Chapter 507: A Difficult Dilemma
Chapter 506: Everything is Strange
Chapter 505, Part II: Hell On Earth
Chapter 505, Part I: Hell On Earth
Chapter 504: The Most Shameless Man of All
Chapter 503: Yinxu
Chapter 502: Strange Stele
Chapter 501: Flaming Meteor
Chapter 500: Bad News
Chapter 499: I Have Always Lived a Pure and Innocent Life
Chapter 498: Absolute Chaos
Chapter 497: A Jealous Arrival
Chapter 496: Nave Lovers
Chapter 495: Raging Jealousy
Chapter 494: A Strange Excitement
Chapter 493: Right at the Edge
Chapter 492: Are You All Blind?
Chapter 491: Mosquito Daoist
Chapter 490: Surprise
Chapter 489: Win-Win
Chapter 488: The Fiend Races
Chapter 487: Zhuxie Chixin
Chapter 486: Who Is the Bad One?
Chapter 485: An Enchanting Woman
Chapter 484: Are You Looking Down On Us?
Chapter 483: Outwit
Chapter 482: The Deal
Chapter 481: Lady Saint
Chapter 480: Can’t Move
Chapter 479: What Luck!
Chapter 478: The Most Intimate of Strangers
Chapter 477: Aren’t You Forgetting Something?
Chapter 476: Fragrance
Chapter 475: Use Your Mouth
Chapter 474: Nemesis
Chapter 473: Boasting Punished by Heavenly Judgement
Chapter 472: Dragonslaying Eighteen Palms
Chapter 471: Only One Good Thing about Me
Chapter 470: Strangely Embarrassed
Chapter 469: Cunning Sister-in-law
Chapter 468: A Lethal Blade
Chapter 467: Song of the Struck Blade
Chapter 466: You're Putting Me in a Tight Spot
Chapter 465: Cash Warrior
Chapter 464: What Did You Eat to Get so Big?
Chapter 463: Counters and Synergies
Chapter 462: The Solitary Eight
Chapter 461: No Way Out
Chapter 460: Dragon Soulspeak
Chapter 459: Underground Ambush
Chapter 458: Swapping Identities
Chapter 457: A Private Discussion
Chapter 456: Little Sis
Chapter 455: Joining Forces
Chapter 454: A Good Lesson
Chapter 453: I'll Do it for You
Chapter 452: A Twist
Chapter 451: Return of the Divine Skill
Chapter 450: Out of Thin Air
Chapter 449: A Walk in the Park
Chapter 448: Those Who Achieve Great Things do not Bother with Trivialities
Chapter 447: By Any Means Necessary
Chapter 446: Guest Becomes the Host
Chapter 445: An Impossible Condition
Chapter 444: Exposed
Chapter 443: A Demonic Eye
Chapter 442: The Demon Race
Chapter 441: Madam’s Mission
Chapter 440: Yun Yuqing
Chapter 439: A Match Made in Heaven
Chapter 438: The Dark Elf
Chapter 437: Killing Intent
Chapter 436: Seeking Your Own Doom
Chapter 435: Such a Pity
Chapter 434: Madam Wu
Chapter 433: An Unexpected Scene
Chapter 432: Malding
Chapter 431: My Wife Is as Clear and Pure as Ice
Chapter 430: I’ll Ride With Her
Chapter 429: Saved From Absolute Death
Chapter 428: A Loophole
Chapter 427: No Way Out
Chapter 426: Show Me Your Sincerity
Chapter 425: The Hat of Forgiveness
Chapter 424: Act In the Emperor’s Stead
Chapter 423: The Chu Clan’s Might
Chapter 422: The Power of a Master Rank
Chapter 421: Flipping Tables
Chapter 420: Where Did Dad Go?
Chapter 419: The Embroidered Envoy
Chapter 418: When the Popcorn Eats You
Chapter 417: A Sea Change
Chapter 416: On the Verge of Erupting
Chapter 415: The Wedding
Chapter 414: Your Green Hat is Crooked
Chapter 413: An Ingenious Gift
Chapter 412: Persuasion through Virtue
Chapter 411: Sarcastic Old Fart
Chapter 410: Justice is Accompanied by Life and Death
Chapter 409: Shining Finger
Chapter 408: A Small World
Chapter 407: Planting a Bad Flag
Chapter 406: The Truth Exposed
Chapter 405: Revenge for My Father, and Revenge for My Stolen Wife
Chapter 404: An Imperial Envoy
Chapter 403: I Have Money
Chapter 402: You Should Be Calling Me Uncle
Chapter 401: I Saw Something In You
Chapter 400: Righteous Revenge
Chapter 399: Transaction
Chapter 398: Count Me In
Chapter 397: The Other Side
Chapter 396: No Honor
Chapter 395: Golden Finger
Chapter 394: Three Treasures
Chapter 393: Special Training
Chapter 392: What Element Are You?
Chapter 391: No Hesitation
Chapter 390: A Tiny Mishap
Chapter 389: A Missing Little Chick
Chapter 388: Twisted
Chapter 387: Hidden Intentions Exposed
Chapter 386: Old and Treacherous
Chapter 385: A Fickle World
Chapter 384: I’m Just a Bystander!
Chapter 383: Steps of the Rising Lotus
Chapter 382: Sunflower Finger versus Stellar Palm
Chapter 381: A Secret Escape
Chapter 380: Extreme Joy Turns to Sorrow
Chapter 379: The Dust Settles
Chapter 378: One Finger to Seal the Universe
Chapter 377: Specter's Hand
Chapter 376: An Embarrassing Misunderstanding
Chapter 375: A Win-Win Situation
Chapter 374: A Potential Cure
Chapter 373: Pursuit
Chapter 372: Too Late
Chapter 371: Kids Do Some Stupid Shit
Chapter 370: Slander
Chapter 369: The Cooked Duck has Flown Away
Chapter 368: The Path of No Return
Chapter 367: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 366: Multiple Choice Question
Chapter 365: Exposed
Chapter 364: Something Bad Has Happened
Chapter 363: A Gift
Chapter 362: A Huge Surprise
Chapter 361: What Do You Want?
Chapter 360: On the Verge of Being Exposed
Chapter 359: Out of a Tiger’s Cave and into a Wolf’s Den
Chapter 358: A Good Deed
Chapter 357: Rob and Kill
Chapter 356: Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 355: What the Hell
Chapter 354: Two-Person Operation
Chapter 353: A Sudden Realization
Chapter 352: Conditions
Chapter 351: Luring the Tiger From its Den
Chapter 350: A Change In Status
Chapter 349: A Helping Hand
Chapter 348: Flirting with Disaster
Chapter 347: Sea of Jealousy
Chapter 346: Another Way
Chapter 345: Account Book
Chapter 344: Fighting Back
Chapter 343: Good For Nothing But Losing
Chapter 342: Doubt
Chapter 341: Another Wolf
Chapter 340: Bewitching Potion
Chapter 339: Predicament
Chapter 338: Bad News
Chapter 337: Brother-In-Law Looks so Pale
Chapter 336: Ambush
Chapter 335: The Young Master Is Formidable
Chapter 334: Before and After
Chapter 333: Bringing it Forward
Chapter 332: Impossible Escape
Chapter 331: Secrets on Both Sides
Chapter 330: Exposed
Chapter 329: Even a Toad Lusts After the Flesh of a Swan
Chapter 328: Strutting Like a Rooster
Chapter 327: Touch Less
Chapter 326: An Unkind Guest
Chapter 325: Would You Even Believe Me?
Chapter 324: A Hellish Battlefield
Chapter 323: Kill That Dog Zu
Chapter 322: Can’t Wash Away This Sin
Chapter 321: Blessed Witness
Chapter 320: My Own Wife Loves Me the Most
Chapter 319: Chu Chuyan’s Rage
Chapter 318: Strange Big Bird
Chapter 317: New Task
Chapter 316: Profit from Disaster
Chapter 315: Promise
Chapter 314: Handsome Men Always Have the Best Luck
Chapter 313: Shocked
Chapter 312: Burning Bridges
Chapter 311: Dying with a Grievance
Chapter 310: Fragrant Barf
Chapter 309: The Secret of the Hidden Dragon Mountain
Chapter 308: I've Never Done Something so Idiotic before
Chapter 307: The Cooked Duck Has Flown Away
Chapter 306: Eighteen Spring Winds
Chapter 305: An Unreasonable Request
Chapter 304: Entering the Tiger’s Den
Chapter 303: Please Don’t Raise Any Flags
Chapter 302 - Impersonation
Chapter 301 - Great Minds Think Alike
Chapter 300: Best Friends
Chapter 299: Playing With Fire
Chapter 298: Are You Okay?
Chapter 297: A Tool
Chapter 296: The 'Gigolo' Strategy
Chapter 295: I Have Always Been a Fair Person
Chapter 294: Going for a Stroll Around the Estate
Chapter 293: The Chu Clan’s Secret
Chapter 292: Even the Heavens Want the Chu Clan Eradicated
Chapter 291: Warning
Chapter 290: Why Can’t I?
Chapter 289: Qin Wanru’s Tortured Heart
Chapter 288: Furious
Chapter 287: Ridiculous
Chapter 286: A Goddess in Critical Condition
Chapter 285: Fire in the Back Garden
Chapter 284: I'd Rather Be the Concubine of a Hero than the Wife of Someone Mediocre
Chapter 283: Buying Freedom
Chapter 282: Entering through the Door
Chapter 281 - A Visit from a Beauty
Chapter 280 - Whale Gang Boss
Chapter 279 - Robbed and Killed
Chapter 278: Incompetent and Angry
Chapter 277: Will You Take Responsibility?
Chapter 276: Stalling and Stalling
Chapter 275: I Really Don’t Mind Having a Friend Like This
Chapter 274: I Just Happen to be Good with Girls
Chapter 273: Aren’t We Buddies Already?
Chapter 272: Strip!
Chapter 271: Flirting Approved
Chapter 270: A Beautiful Woman’s Deep Affection
Chapter 269 - Who the Hell Said Mooched Food Doesn’t Taste Good?
Chapter 268: Lust Leads to Bitter Consequences
Chapter 267: The War Horn Sounds
Chapter 266: I’ll Leave If I Have To
Chapter 265: Caught in the Act
Chapter 264: Probing
Chapter 263: Fragrant Barf
Chapter 262: Clinging On
Chapter 261: Assassination
Chapter 260: Misunderstanding
Chapter 259: A Magnificent Home with Magnificent Women
Chapter 258: Completely Exposed
Chapter 257: All Ulterior Motives Ruined
Chapter 256: Betrayal
Chapter 255: Fake Meets Real
Chapter 254: Losing Money Instead Of Being Paid
Chapter 253: Straw Bag and Trash
Chapter 252: Keeping the Blessings Within the Family
Chapter 251: Do You Know How To Blow the Xiao?
Chapter 250 - Why Don’t You Do it, Then?
Chapter 249: Moving the Plan Forward
Chapter 248: Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 247: Messed Up
Chapter 246: Where Is My Soulmate? On the Other End of the World
Chapter 245: A Heartbreaking Tale
Chapter 244: Getting Too Worked Up
Chapter 243: I Would Never Hide My Name
Chapter 242: Should I Help, or Not?
Chapter 241: Driving Everyone Crazy
Chapter 240: Pervert
Chapter 239: Do You Think You’re All That Just Because You Have Money?
Chapter 238: Stop Talking, I Can Already Picture it!
Chapter 237: Courtesan's Meeting
Chapter 236: Masked Individual
Chapter 235: Drawing Suspicion
Chapter 234: Retaliation
Chapter 233: Daughter-Doting Devils
Chapter 232: Pleasant Countenance
Chapter 231: I Wouldn’t Usually Laugh...
Chapter 230: Promise
Chapter 229: Prodigy
Chapter 228: Admiration
Chapter 227: Six Pulse Divine Sword
Chapter 226: Despair
Chapter 225: Not Even a Drop Left
Chapter 224: A Thief In the Middle of the Night
Chapter 223: Compromise
Chapter 222: No Wonder He’s So Weak
Chapter 221: Bad Daughter
Chapter 220: What Do You Want Her Heart For?
Chapter 219: Even a God Can’t Save Her
Chapter 218: I Also Feel Helpless About It
Chapter 217: Lusting Over My Body
Chapter 216: Only Women!
Chapter 215: Arguing
Chapter 214: Sucking Out Your Poison? Leave It To Me!
Chapter 213: Me and My Incredible Mouth
Chapter 212: There’s Something Wrong With Your Gaze
Chapter 211: Less Than a Beast
Chapter 210: Trauma
Chapter 209: I’m Doing It For Your Good
Chapter 208: The Circle of Nobility Sure is Complicated
Chapter 207: You Really Go All Out For Your Flirting
Chapter 206: Abled
Chapter 205: It’s Hard to Cure Brain Damage
Chapter 204: River of Forgetfulness
Chapter 203: Call Me Master
Chapter 202: An Evil Woman
Chapter 201: Dominating the Kindergartens with My Fists and Kicks
Chapter 200: I Haven’t Had Enough Fun Yet
Chapter 199: Life-and-Death Contract
Chapter 198: Double the Happiness
Chapter 197: Face to Face
Chapter 196: You Stupid Sword
Chapter 195: Wood Elf
Chapter 194: Mercy
Chapter 193: Confrontation
Chapter 192: We’ll Meet Once Again Soon
Chapter 191: Choice
Chapter 190: Recovery
Chapter 189: Trump Card
Chapter 188: Blood Tribute
Chapter 187: Accident
Chapter 186: Primordial Origin Sutra
Chapter 185: A Descent of His Sword, And All Nobles Shall Rush Westward!
Chapter 184: The Woman in the Crystal Coffin
Chapter 183: The Real Way to Unlocking the Heaven Seal
Chapter 182: The Way Out
Chapter 181: Paradox
Chapter 180: Antares Occupying the Heart
Chapter 179: Heaven Seal
Chapter 178: You Actually Did that Kind of Thing to Me
Chapter 177: Half Life’s Fate
Chapter 176: Desperation
Chapter 175: Big Brother
Chapter 174: How Lonely It Is to be Invincible
Chapter 173: Earth Seal
Chapter 172: The Twelve Golden Giants
Chapter 171: Human Seal
Chapter 170: Cold Sweat
Chapter 169: Ancient Secrets
Chapter 168: The Undead Army
Chapter 167: I am Qin Shihuang!
Chapter 166: Soul Suppression Seal
Chapter 165: Heh, Men!
Chapter 164: Choice
Chapter 163: The Mysterious Woman’s Voice
Chapter 162: I’m Actually An Expert
Chapter 161: Superficial Brothers
Chapter 160: I’m the One Suffering the Brunt of the Impact!
Chapter 159: Don’t Come Here
Chapter 158: We Might Not Have Been Born In the Same Quilt, But We Shall Die in the Same Grave
Chapter 157: Diving Right Into Danger
Chapter 156: Lovers’ Suicide
Chapter 155: Absolute Zero
Chapter 154: Divine Beast Devouring Kun
Chapter 153: The First Man To Get Pregnant in the Great Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 152: A Friend’s Wife Shouldn’t Be Coveted
Chapter 151: Befriend a Rich Man
Chapter 150: It’s Precisely Because of You that I’m No Match for Them
Chapter 149: Addicted to Labor
Chapter 148: Moon’s Reflection
Chapter 147: A Magical Flashlight
Chapter 146: An Unexpected Situation
Chapter 145: A Family Should Remain Together
Chapter 144: Is He Going to End Me in a Single Strike?
Chapter 143: The Chase
Chapter 142: Luck and Risk
Chapter 141: Desperation
Chapter 140: Hell in the Mountain Valley
Chapter 139: Come Here!
Chapter 138: Don’t Raise Flags!
Chapter 137: Too Big!
Chapter 136: Who’s Taking Care of Who?
Chapter 135: The Tenth Beauty
Chapter 134: They Are My Wife and Children Now!
Chapter 133: Surprise!
Chapter 132: A Murderous Ploy
Chapter 131: A Final Chance
Chapter 130: Feelings Speak Louder Than Words
Chapter 129: Blessed by the Wisdom of Brilliant Detectives
Chapter 128: Dying Message
Chapter 127: You’re in Trouble
Chapter 126: The Ways of a Vixen
Chapter 125: Hand My Prize Over
Chapter 124: Interrogation
Chapter 123: Even Dogshit Has its Uses
Chapter 122: Revelation
Chapter 121, Part II: Whatcha Starin' At?
Chapter 121, Part I: Whatcha Starin' At?
Chapter 120: Milord, We Have Entered a New Era!
Chapter 119: No One Can Defeat Me With My BGM
Chapter 118: I’ve Never Heard Such a Request In My Entire Life
Chapter 117: Childhood Trauma
Chapter 116: Why Does No One Believe Me?
Chapter 115: Wu Di, Your Mama's Is Calling You Back For Dinner!
Chapter 114: You’re a Horrible Person
Chapter 113: I Want to Mooch Too
Chapter 112: Does Your Face Hurt?
Chapter 111: Too Popular
Chapter 110: Boring
Chapter 109: Did You Think I Wouldn’t Recognize You Just Because You’re Wearing a Hat?
Chapter 108: Secret Plans
Chapter 107: The Sharp-witted Brat
Chapter 106: Even Though You Keep Rejecting Me
Chapter 105: You May Look But Don’t Laugh!
Chapter 104: How Are You Going to Compete With Me?
Chapter 103: Appearance
Chapter 102: Rumors
Chapter 101: Young Miss of the Wu Clan
Chapter 100: What Do You Mean By That?
Chapter 99: Furious
Chapter 98: Promise
Chapter 97: Realization
Chapter 96: Young Master Shi
Chapter 95: Sunflower Phantasm
Chapter 94: Whatcha Starin' At?
Chapter 93: The Tournament Has Been Brought Forward!
Chapter 92: Her Fragrance
Chapter 91: The Textbook Example of a Honey Trap
Chapter 90: Sent Right To My Doorstep
Chapter 89: Bixie Swordplay Manual
Chapter 88: I Want to Keep a Low Profile Too!
Chapter 87: Authority
Chapter 86: Bai Susu
Chapter 85: You Again!
Chapter 84: Not a Single Question Correct
Chapter 83: Shameless
Chapter 82: Popular Star Shang Liuyu
Chapter 81: Guys, Time to Wake Up for the Show!
Chapter 80: Intentional
Chapter 79: Honorary Teacher
Chapter 78: The Eighth Beauty
Chapter 77: The Right to Enter Dungeons
Chapter 76: Evanescent Lotus
Chapter 75: The Treatment
Chapter 74: I Need to Become Poor
Chapter 73: Unexpected
Chapter 72: What Did You Do to Me?
Chapter 71: Knock-You-Up Eyes
Chapter 70: A Huge Killing
Chapter 69: Honey Trap
Chapter 68: Fiance
Chapter 67: Xie Xiu’s Principles
Chapter 66: In a Tight Spot
Chapter 65: Despair
Chapter 64: Reaching the Peak
Chapter 63: I Am the God of Gambling!
Chapter 62: Guts Turning Green with Regret
Chapter 61: I’m Jealous
Chapter 60: Just Who is the Antagonist Here?
Chapter 59: Gambler’s Fallacy
Chapter 58: She’s Lusting After My Body
Chapter 57: Putting on Airs
Chapter 56: A Lower-Tier Steed
Chapter 55: You Can’t Shirk Off Responsibility Just Because You Have Put On Clothes!
Chapter 54: Try Shouting All You Want, Let’s See If They’ll Agree With It
Chapter 53: Framing
Chapter 52: Loan Sharks
Chapter 51: What Strengths Do I Have?
Chapter 50: Fertile Water Should Be Kept In One’s Own Rice Pad
Chapter 49: The Legend of the Moochlord
Chapter 48: Mooching Ain't Easy
Chapter 47: Mooching Requires Skills!
Chapter 46: I Have Tried it Myself
Chapter 45: Can’t I At Least Ask About It?
Chapter 44: Blackmail
Chapter 43: Tripitaka
Chapter 42: Female Principal
Chapter 41: The Ten Great Beauties
Chapter 40: Just Like His Name
Chapter 39: The Thief in the Flower Field
Chapter 38: The Nine Hatchlings of a Phoenix
Chapter 37: Grandgale
Chapter 36: Exchange
Chapter 35: Why are Your Pectoral Muscles so Big?
Chapter 34: Infiltration
Chapter 33: Hong Yuan
Chapter 32: The Easiest Way to Earn Money
Chapter 31: The Woman in the Gazebo
Chapter 30: Hellhole
Chapter 29: Little Aunt And Her Close Friend
Chapter 28: Dumb Lass
Chapter 27: As the Keyboard Emperor, It Goes Without Saying that I’ll Destroy All Enemies That Stand in My Way
Chapter 26: A Goddamned Question
Chapter 25: A Chance For Survival
Chapter 24: Collusion
Chapter 23: A Mysterious Madam
Chapter 22: There’s Poison in its Shit
Chapter 21: An Innovative Idea
Chapter 20: Adorable
Chapter 19: The Young Woman in the Lake
Chapter 18: I Won’t Agree to it Unless You Write it Down
Chapter 17: A Bird Swooping Down
Chapter 16: Deep Brotherly Ties
Chapter 15: Plum Blossom Twelve
Chapter 14: Mission
Chapter 13: Divine Physician Ji
Chapter 12: Keeping Mum
Chapter 11: Surrounded By Danger
Chapter 10: A Trap
Chapter 9 – Wife’s Best Friend
Chapter 8: Faith in Brother Spring
Chapter 7: Breakthrough
Chapter 6: The Wager
Chapter 5: Messed-up Rewards
Chapter 4: The First Secret Manual
Chapter 3: Lightning From Nowhere
Chapter 2: Murderous Ploy
Chapter 1: Keyboard Warrior