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westcorphotels > The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time > Volume N/A - CH 204

Volume N/A - CH 204

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Death Mage 204 – Towards a temporary registration

Vandalieu looked happily at the him that was slowly taking shape through being reconstructed and broken down repeatedly, and the sight of everyone taking part in the process.

He had the feeling that they had increased in number without him realizing it, but he was more interested in how fun it all was rather than worrying about that.

“Van, this sticky black stuff won’t come off,” said Pauvina.

Vandalieu noticed that she and some others had discovered something mixed with the blocks… the fragments of Vandalieu.

“Some of the fragments have a black, strongly adhesive substance mixed among them… Danna-sama, what could this be?” asked Bellmond.

“We do know that it’s not a good thing; it’s somehow not Vandalieu-sama-like,” said Eleanora, looking perplexed.

Vandalieu looked at the fragments that they were pointing to through the eyeballs and compound eyes around him and saw that there were black muscle-like things between the fragments.

There was something black in between the fragments, similar to the white striations found in high-quality meat. For some reason, Vandalieu felt a sense of repulsion the moment he saw it.

Every human and conscious person had a part of them inside that they didn’t want to believe existed, but Vandalieu felt a different kind of presence from it. However, he could not remember what it was.

“Okay, time for an encore,” said Vandalieu, deciding that he couldn’t remember so he would have Kanako dance some more in the dome that was his own skull.

Every movement of her legs caused grooves to be carved into the gray flesh-mass fragments, providing moderate stimulation for Vandalieu.

“Hmph, I must not lose!” said Bone Man as he began to make cuts in the fragments in front of him. This stimulation was perhaps a little strong.

But before long, Vandalieu remembered what that black substance was. It was the three curses that Rodcorte had placed on him.

Rodcorte had placed three curses on Vandalieu – ‘Experience gained in previous life not carried over,’ ‘Cannot learn existing Jobs’ and ‘Unable to gain Experience Points independently.’

These were still in effect, but… they caused almost no hindrance to Vandalieu now.

In fact, it was possible that these curses were why his Mana pool had increased to this point.

“So, what shall we do, boy? It will be quite the task, but should we try removing all of it?” asked Zadiris.

Vandalieu wasn’t sure whether to put a pause on the rebuilding to try and remove the curses or ignore them and continue the rebuilding.

It had already been over ten years since Vandalieu was reincarnated in Lambda, so the ‘Experience gained in previous life not carried over’ curse was almost entirely meaningless now. As for ‘Cannot learn existing Jobs,’ there were many undiscovered Jobs, so it did not cause any significant inconvenience for Vandalieu.

The only curse that was still actively hinde

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