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westcorphotels > The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time > Volume N/A - CH 227

Volume N/A - CH 227

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While he was alive, he was a man who never even imagined that he had a talent for combat or magic. Born to the servants of a nobleman, he was raised as a servant as well. As a child, he had admired stories of adventurers risking their lives on adventures and knights doing brave deeds, but he thought that such people were living in a different world from himself, someone who had no worth other than his ability to handle horses and carriages.

He became an adult without knowing how to read any runes used in magic, got married and had two daughters, but… after becoming an Undead and acquiring a certain Skill, he realized that he had what might not be a talent, but an aptitude.

That Skill was ‘Space Expansion.’ It was a Skill that kept the external appearance of the carriage the same while expanding the inside so that a lot of people and luggage could be carried inside.

As the name of the Skill suggested, it was clearly related to space. Thus, it was possible that he had an affinity for the space attribute. That was what he thought.

As a part of his own self-improvement, he succeeded in learning space-attribute magic and time-attribute magic as well.

“I have come this far, so I should be able to achieve this difficult goal as well!” Sam told himself.

He had already made offerings of curry to Zuruwarn and Ricklent’s statues at the Church of Vida, and he was now running across the land at full speed.

“I will definitely become a carriage that crosses both space and time, reclaiming my position as Bocchan’s airborne vehicle!”

It seemed that he was not satisfied with merely being able to fly through the sky; he was aiming to become a carriage that crossed spacetime… in order to surpass Gufadgarn and Legion.

Sam felt as if his position had been stolen from him, though the truth was that Vandalieu had thought that he would draw too much attention if he arrived at the city of Morksi with a carriage.

Once he withdrew from the city of Morksi, he intended to use Sam as his transport for Dungeons and traveling as he had done previously.

But Sam, unaware of this, was riding at great speed today as well, in order to accomplish his goal that his companions who were knowledgeable regarding magic had told him was close to impossible.

There were none around him who had tried to stop him… In fact, some were copying him – the Ghost Ship Cuatro, which Vandalieu had built by combining parts from four wrecked ships, and its four Undead captains.

“We can’t lose either! Follow Master Sam!”

“But trying to cross spacetime is impossible. Let’s aim to fly through the sky for now!”

“Wouldn’t it be most realistic to do underwater voyages?”

“If it’s just sinking under the surface, we can do it at any time! We are the Four Dead Sea Captains of the Ghost Ship Cuatro. If we are aiming for a goal, we should aim for the sea that is the sky!”

Cuatro let out what sounded like a groan of resentment as it traveled along th

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