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westcorphotels > The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time > Volume N/A - CH 209

Volume N/A - CH 209

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“It has taken some time, but we have accomplished the task, Bocchan!” said Sam.

Knochen let out a happy roar.

“Vandalieu-sama, you have become even more wonderful than before!” said Tarea.

“The skewer business and the conversion of more people into believers of Vida are going well too, everything is going smoothly!” said Kanako.

Nuaza let out a happy shout. “I am honored to have taken part in this great task!”

“Congratulations, Vandalieu. Show everyone your new form,” said Darcia.

Amidst everyone’s cheers, Vandalieu stood up.

His soul’s appearance was far cleaner than its previous form… the humanoid form with human body parts and fragments of the Demon King scattered all over its surface.

From afar, he would appear to be a warrior or mage wearing armor and fur. But if one looked carefully, they would realize that he was far too thin to wear armor.

And from up close, there was no way to conceal his grotesqueness. What appeared to be armor was actually a hard exoskeleton and carapace, and what appeared to be decorations were actually horns and compound eyes. What appeared to be a cape was actually wings and membranes, and what appeared to be his two legs were actually jointed legs that were organized into two bundles.

The shield that his left arm appeared to be carrying was made from his bone that protruded through his exoskeleton and entwined with his carapace. And his clawed right hand was holding a staff that looked like a brain… If one looked closely, it was a sphere composed of countless brains that had their nerves wrapped around each other, and the shaft of the staff was a tongue that extended from that sphere.

His head had a mouth with fangs protruding from it, enormous ordinary eyes, Demon Eyes, hair and horns.

The inside of his body was visible through gaps in his joints; the blood vessels visibly pulsated, and his internal organs squirmed. From time to time, a strange-colored liquid would drip from Vandalieu’s eyeballs.

And there was death-attribute Mana… constantly emanating from him like pulsating brain waves from deep within him, and circulating around him like blood.

“It’s easier to move than before, so that’s very helpful. You did a great job, everyone,” said Vandalieu.

“Words of praise. It seems that we have done well,” said Myuze.

“Alright, three cheers to celebrate a job well done!” someone said from among the crowd.

Everyone who had participated in the soul reconstruction task, the enormous Vandalieu and the countless small Vandalieus that had joined partway through all gave three cheers in celebration.

Waking up suddenly, Vandalieu looked at his Status and saw that his Mana had completely recovered.

But he was suspicious and confused.

“What’s wrong, Vandalieu? If you’re not feeling well again, you can have some of my blood,” said Darcia, who had been sleeping in the bed next to his.

“No, that’s not it… My soul’s construction was finished in my

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