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westcorphotels > The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time > Volume N/A - CH 214
Two days after the sermon, Simon was outside the city.

How many years had it been since he left the city of Morksi? He had received numerous requests to repair the walls that protected the city, so perhaps it hadn’t been that long, if one were to count that.

But he felt as if it had been over ten years. The cold winter wind felt good. Each time he felt the snow that had fallen yesterday crunch underfoot, he remembered those days.

The scent of blood in the air and the sight of the lifeless corpse lying on the ground in front of him was incredibly pleasant.

“That’s right, I can still do it. I’m not finished; even if I have only one arm, I can at least kill Goblins!” Simon shouted with a maniacal laugh as he struggled to wipe the blood from the thick-bladed sword in his right hand.

These days, his pocket was warm with the funds that he received from running errands for Vandalieu. The quantity and quality of the monster parts handed to him for sale at the Adventurers’ Guild increased with each passing day. There had only been the parts of Rank 1 and Rank 2 monsters on the first day, but his second errand had even included a body part from a Rank 4 Kobold General.

That one part alone had been worth a week’s pay from doing day jobs, but the bag had contained multiple body parts from Rank 3 monsters such as Orcs and Goblin Leaders as well.

Even back when he was an adventurer, his party had never hunted this many monsters in a single day. He thought it was incredible.

Simon had received half the pay from selling these parts just for carrying them to the Adventurers’ Guild. He had been paid far too much for a task that involved no great labor and no danger. He considered himself lucky.

But for Simon, it wasn’t just lucky.

Every time he entered the Adventurers’ Guild, unpleasant looks were directed his way.

Simon had regularly visited the Adventurers’ Guild to accept day jobs. Each time he did so, his one-armed body would receive looks of pity and sneers.

It was during his third year as an adventurer, in his later teenage years. He had finally purchased some decent equipment, passed the examination to ascend to D-class, and his whole life was ahead of him when he lost his dominant arm at the shoulder.

The shock of this loss was great, but Simon had not given up immediately. There were skilled alchemists in Morksi, so he and his party members had done their best to see if there was a way to acquire a Magic Item artificial arm.

If he had a Magic Item artificial arm that functioned well, he could not only live every day without any inconveniences, he could return to being an adventurer.

But Magic Item artificial arms, even those that did not function particularly well, cost over ten times what Simon had expected.

As Simon had only just become a D-class adventurer, he didn’t have a large amount in savings. Even if all of his party members scraped together all of their wealth, it still wasn’t eno

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