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Volume N/A - CH 243.4

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Legion – Eclipse Dark Legion, 2 years old, ?

Legion has avenged (some of) their own deaths in their previous lives. Legion’s members account for almost all of the deaths that the people of Morksi are aware of, other than the deaths of the bandits.

The only exception is a traveler (one of the people whose body had been possessed by one of Fitun’s heroic spirits) who was slain by a Skeleton (Bone Man). In reality, there were no casualties at all.

However, the people who were outside the city at the time are unaware of this, including the young adventurers whose lives were saved by a mysterious old woman (Valkyrie). Thanks to them and Earl Isaac Morksi’s speech, Legion have acquired the ‘Nameless Heroes’ Title.

Even though they had randomly picked the appearances of villagers they had acquired with the ‘Encroachment Fusion’ Skill to disguise themselves, it didn’t change the fact that these were still a part of Legion.

To use a human as an analogy, it is perhaps similar to the way that looking at someone from behind or from the side doesn’t change the fact that it is the same person. Acquiring a Title in this way is only possible for Legion, who is made up of multiple personalities.

Legion have heard that a statue of the ‘Nameless Heroes’ has been built in the plaza, and although they are fanatical worshippers themselves, they were unable to stay around any longer. At the end of Volume 10, they are sitting in Vandalieu’s house with a distant look in their eyes.

During the battle against Hajime Fitun, Legion absorbed the flesh and organs of a Mountain Giant corpse and used the remaining skeleton to fight in the form of a Giant… though the idea of doing this came from Kanako’s dance lessons, during which she told them: “If you can’t dance because you have no bones, can’t you just stick something inside that will act as bones?”

Legion have changed the way they think about dancing, and now believe that they need to get used to it.

Legion feel even less emotion than Kanako towards the fact that Hajime and the other reincarnated individuals were killed. They seem to think that it was simply a battle between people who knew each other’s faces, and that it was just an extension of what happened in Origin – them and Murakami’s group making use of each other and then trying to kill each other.

In addition to that battle, they contributed in other ways, such as using Jack’s teleportation to send monsters approaching the city and heroic spirits who had taken over the bodies of others as vessels into an underground Dungeon. The Experience Points they gained as a result caused their Rank to increase, turning them into a Rank 12 race called ‘Eclipse Dark Legion’… though there is no change to their appearance such as their flesh turning darker.

They have also changed Jobs to ‘Group Mass User.’

Simon – Human, 27 years old, male

Vandalieu’s second disciple. In the past, he had the appearance of a middle-aged man wi

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