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Volume N/A - CH 194

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Rodcorte, the god of reincarnation, let out a heavy sigh as he looked over the message from Alda, the god of law and fate.“So, the existence of the reincarnated individuals has been discovered far before I originally planned…” he muttered.Lambda was a world in Rodcorte’s circle of transmigration system that was failing to develop… or rather, the human population would not increase. Frustrated with this, Rodcorte had decided to send a hundred and one reincarnated individuals to Lambda.

With no notice or permission from Alda, the god of law and fate who was the chief god in Lambda.

Of course, he had been fully aware that the gods led by Alda opposed the use of knowledge and technology from foreign worlds. He had gone ahead with his plan anyway because he had been certain that once he executed his plan, things would work themselves out.

The reincarnated individuals who had been born on Earth and gained additional experience in Origin should have naturally utilized their knowledge and technology from foreign worlds in Lambda. They should have been able to display their abilities in all kinds of fields… Agriculture, fishing, cuisine, clothing, economics and more.

However, Rodcorte had predicted that Alda and the gods who served him would not notice for a while, as long as the reincarnated individuals were not unnaturally hasty and did not operate on a very large scale.

The reincarnated individuals should have been born to parents in Lambda as humans, Elves or Dwarves, and given Lambda-like names. Thus, Alda and his servants would have assumed that the inventions created by these reincarnated individuals had developed in Lambda independently, or even if they had noticed, they would have been unable to differentiate between knowledge and technologies from this world and those originating from other worlds.

Of course, the reincarnated individuals would draw attention to themselves if they developed technologies that would be unnatural for Lambda’s people to suddenly invent themselves, such as gunpowder and steam engines. But Rodcorte had envisioned all of this being long after the reincarnated individuals were brought to this world.

The methods for manufacturing gunpowder on Earth or in Origin would be ineffective if they were tried in Lambda. Thus, extensive trial-and-error would be required, and it was possible that the resulting gunpowder would have less explosive force than the average adventurer’s martial skill or spell.

On top of that, in order to create firearms and explosives, each part would need to be built from scratch. Thus, Rodcorte had determined that many of the reincarnated individuals would lose the desire to build these things.

As for steam engines, even if they were invented, it would take a considerable amount of funding and organization to make use of the invention. In order to make that a reality, it would take at least a few years after the reincarnated individuals reached adulthood.

And by

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