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Volume N/A - CH 175

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A floor of a slightly foggy land, not as cold as the ice field and snowy mountain middle floors, but still cold enough to keep ice from melting.

This was the 80th floor, and as Vandalieu and his companions entered it, they saw several dozen ice pillars around the entrance.

“Bocchan, I believe these are the ice statues,” said Sam, pointing at one of the pillars.

Upon looking more closely at the pillar, it was not a pillar but rather a person encased in ice.

According to the challengers from inside the Boundary Mountain Range, the challengers from outside the Boundary Mountain Range who fell in this Dungeon met one of two fates – becoming either a stone statue or an ice one. The ones frozen inside these pillars of ice were likely the ice statues.

“Yes. If I recall, those who saw these statues thought that they were in poor taste, like some kind of warning about the trials from Gufadgarn, or some kind of hint,” said Vandalieu, approaching one of the ice statues to examine the person inside through the transparent ice.

Like the stone statues, the person was wearing almost nothing that could be called equipment; they were in no more than their underwear.

But unlike the stone statues, the color of their hair, eyes and skin could be seen.

“But it doesn’t seem like they froze to death here,” said Rita.

“This one has traces of burns, and that one looks uninjured at first glance but is missing his head,” said Saria.

As they pointed out, if one examined the ice-covered corpses closely, they would see that they had fatal injuries that one could not imagine they received on this floor.

Some of them had had their entire bodies cut to pieces and then seemingly reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle before being frozen in the ice.

This was something that had taken a lot of effort. It seemed that the theory that this was some kind of warning or hint regarding the trials was not incorrect.

“According to the records, this floor’s trial is commonly known as the ‘trial of temptation,’ isn’t it?” said Vandalieu.

It was a trial where once the challengers proceeded a certain distance, their vision would be covered by the fog and they would hear auditory hallucinations from behind them. The voices of close friends who were supposed to be outside the Dungeon or family members that were supposed to be dead would say things along the lines of “That way is dangerous” and “Come back.”

“And only two groups of challengers have ever faced this trial. But nobody has ever passed it,” said Iris.

This was where the document containing the collective knowledge from Godwin and the other challengers ended. People had faced the Dungeon every year for a century, but this was as far as anyone had ever been.

“Do the records say what state they were defeated in?” asked Eleanora.

“Both groups apparently proceeded forward so that they wouldn't fall to the temptations, but… it seems that they got caught by pitfalls, separated

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