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Volume N/A - CH 119

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The man who sends the king flying

Volume 6: Reincarnator Uprising

A lone young man stood on the dry ground, completely still, holding a spear. There was nobody in his surroundings, and he was isolated from the outside world by fifty-meter-tall walls in all directions.

This place was just like an arena.

I’ve committed countless crimes, apparently.

The young man recalled his somewhat hazy memories. At first, he’d simply wanted to eat until his stomach was satisfied. For that reason, he had headed for the Adventurers’ Guild with a spear in his hand.

He gained knowledge as an adventurer while cleaning the town and carrying luggage for his adventurer senpais. He learned the basics of using a spear from one of the kind adventurer senpais.

When he accepted his first extermination request, the weapon in his hand was a cheap, worn-out spear passed onto him by that adventurer senpai.

Though this wasn’t an unusual story for an adventurer, the first person he killed was a bandit. This occurred during the extermination request that he had accepted as his D-class promotion examination.

He remained calm up to the point he thrust his spear into a gap in the bandit’s tattered leather armor, ending his life. But before he knew it, he was crouched over the ground, throwing up.

He and the other adventurers who were taking the examination with him comforted each other, and they decided to form a party.

He had the feeling that time had gone by quickly after that.

He was certain that he’d struggled with requests to exterminate Orcs and Lizardmen, but before he’d known it, he’d been exterminating Wyverns and Ghoul Barbarians, and even become able to slay a Goblin King.

His spear was replaced by a Magic Item at some point, and that one was replaced by one with a Mythril tip.

He became an A-class adventurer, slaying higher-Rank Dragons, Vampires, the chief of a Centaur tribe who called themselves a resistance and laid waste to the nation, and a Lamia Queen who had been worshipping an evil god in the depths of a Devil’s Nest.

Perhaps it was around then that he took up the Legendary-class Artifact, Ice Age, and became known by the Title, ‘Divine Spear of Ice.’

Back then, had I stopped being an adventurer? I get the feeling that carrying out justice as a disciple of Alda, the god of law and fate, and Yupeon, the god of ice, had become my objective.

And then he participated in the fierce battle between his homeland, the Mirg shield-nation, and Talosheim. He defeated the Titans standing in his way, one after another. He severed their arms, and when they had no arms left, he thrust his spear into their necks. Whether those standing before him were boys that were no more than children, the wrinkled elderly or women, he slew them indiscriminately.

And then he parted ways with his companions and barged into the royal castle, and while he was searching for the underground area where the evil magical apparatus

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