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westcorphotels > The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time > Volume N/A - CH 118.4

Volume N/A - CH 118.4

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The main character of this story. At the beginning of the volume, he is eight years of age, and at the end of the volume (excluding the side chapters), he is three months away from turning nine.

He has reached an age where he has gradually started feeling an interest in the opposite sex that he has been unable to feel until now because his body was too young; he thinks about various things, but it has not reached a point that it could be called sexual desire.

“I’m quite precocious, aren’t I?” he thinks in a carefree manner.

In trying to acquire rice, he proposed to Privel, disposed of one of the significant causes of his parents’ death and retrieved the Zombies of Zandia and Jeena, Talosheim’s heroes, as requested by Borkus and the others. He also exterminated the upper echelons of an influential resistance organization, and added an onee-type Vampire and Chezare’s younger brother to his subordinates. Too many events of all kinds occurred.

As a result of this series of adventures, the Orbaume Kingdom’s value in his mind has crashed. The admiration he felt towards it in his younger days (during the first volume) is on the verge of vanishing.

With Orbia and Kimberley joining his Ghosts, he has become able to use Dead Spirit Magic of the water and wind (lightning only) elements, and his methods of attacking have expanded.

Vandalieu has become more inhuman over the course of the fifth volume, but he himself isn’t very aware of it. He has become stronger, so he is able to do more things. That is all he feels.

Pauvina – Half-Noble Orc, 5 years old, female

A half-Noble Orc girl who turned five during the fifth volume. She is around two and a half meters tall, and if her size is ignored, she appears to be around the same age as Vandalieu.

Her Club Technique skill has reached level 4, so while it is still too early for her to go into a Dungeon, she was able to be taken on this adventure. This was her first time traveling away.

She looks pudgy, but she possesses the superhuman strength needed to lightly swing a steel mace larger than a man’s head with a single hand. It is expected that if she continues to grow at this rate, her height and physical strength will become greater than Borkus’s.

She gets along well with Yamata, who was brought to Talosheim by Vandalieu before, so she has more Undead friends now.

Name: Pauvina Race: Half-Noble Orc Age: 5 years old Title: None Job: Warrior Level: 98 Job history: Apprentice Warrior Passive skills: Night Vision Superhuman Strength: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!) Enhanced Vigor: Level 1 Physical Resistance: Level 1 (NEW!) Active skills: Club Technique: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!) Throwing: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!) Armor Technique: Level 1 (NEW!) Shield Technique: Level 1 (NEW!)

Levia – Blood Blaze Ghost, ? years old, female

Her Rank increased while she was drinking Blood Potion, and it increased again during the battle against Gubamon.

When in battle mode, she takes on a fear

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