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Volume N/A - CH 124

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Vandalieu, the king of Talosheim, would participate in dealing with the Noble Orc Empire.

Normally, not just the heads of states, but anyone with a relatively high position in a nation should avoid standing on the frontlines. However, things were different in Vandalieu’s case.

First of all, Vandalieu possessed the Demon Path Enticement skill, and if he wasn’t present, gathering information from the spirits of the dead was highly likely to be impossible.

Undead could see spirits. However, just because they could see them didn’t necessarily mean that they could hear what the spirits had to say. Even if they asked the spirits questions, there was a high chance that the spirits wouldn’t answer or just give meaningless answers.

The spirits of the dead were not often friendly or honest to other dead beings unless they were very sociable.

Second of all, Vandalieu was the ‘Holy Son of Vida.’

Mububujenge, the Evil God of Degenerate Corpulence, was suspected to be the chief god in the Noble Orc Empire. If he still felt a sense of duty to serve Vida, then Vandalieu being present increased the chances of negotiations happening.

And third of all… he was unmistakably Talosheim’s greatest source of fighting strength.

There were all kinds of other reasons, but these were the main ones.

And the criteria to be chosen to join Vandalieu in dealing with the Noble Orc Empire – whether it was diplomacy or war – was to possess the strength to defeat Noble Orcs, which were Rank 6 at minimum.

The Noble Orcs of the Empire had rulers, but when it came to war, it was likely that they would come out in large numbers.

And strength was necessary, even in diplomacy.

Though this was a nation of those descended from an evil god and his servants who betrayed the Demon King’s army and joined Zakkart, they were still monsters. And what monsters regarded as important was not appearance or economic power, but strength.

Military strength was an important factor in negotiations between human nations as well, but for monsters, it was the most important thing.

In other words, for smooth discussions to take place, it was important to not be looked down upon.

The exception was the Black Fang Knights’ Order, which was composed of Gorba and the other Orcuses.

Orcuses, which were a new race created when Vandalieu exposed Orc fetuses to death-attribute Mana, looked like black Orcs at a glance. Thus, Vandalieu had decided that they may feel compatible with the Orcs that were likely to be present in great numbers in the Noble Orc Empire.

And Orcuses had a base Rank of 4; they were generally stronger than Orcs, which were normally Rank 3. And the members of the Black Fang Knights’ Order had increased their Ranks to become Orcus Tamers and Orcus Riders; they were a group of knights that were mounted on monsters.

“I’ll do my best, on my honor as a knight,” said Gorba, who had been selected as the captain of the knights.


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