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westcorphotels > The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time > Volume N/A - CH 65.3

Volume N/A - CH 65.3

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Vida, half-asleep and half-awake, couldn’t tell whether she was looking at a dream on the back of her eyelids or whether her eyelids were open and she was hallucinating.

Though gods were not omniscient and omnipotent, she was still a goddess. But she was in this pitiful state because of her battle against Alda that had taken place a hundred thousand years ago.

A hundred thousand years… Even before that…

After being born in this world, Vida spread the power of the life attribute throughout it, and before she knew it, she was praised by the people as the goddess of life and love.

Everything was peaceful back then. Everything was gentle and quiet.

However, that peace was broken by the invasion of the Demon King. Vida had no choice but to fight alongside the other gods against the Demon King’s army, the invaders from a foreign world.

During that time, at Zuruwarn’s suggestion, it was decided that champions would be summoned from another world. She agreed with the plan while Alda opposed it, but in the end, things went well and seven champions were to be summoned.

Permission had been granted from the god of that other world, but only Rodcorte, the one who ruled the only circle of transmigration, continued to oppose it. But none bothered listening to a god who could do nothing other than complain.

The one Vida had chosen was a young man who was trying to hang himself in a small backstreet workshop, Sakado Keisuke. He would later become Zakkart.

“Ah, the goddess has come for me. Mother, Father, I’m coming now,” Sakado whispered.

“Stop, don’t go, please!” Vida cried.

I was in quite a panic back then.

It seemed that an organization known as a ‘bank’ had betrayed Sakado and the workshop he had been running went out of business, so he was trying to kill himself.

Vida thought that he would happily become a champion with no lingering desires in this world, but Sakado exhibited a fixation on mysterious things.

“Umm, does that mean that you’re going to give me special powers and things like that, then?” he asked.

“Of course.”

Bestowing powers upon humans chosen to become champions was already an established procedure. In fact, if they were to be invited to another world without being given anything, they would simply die.

Different worlds would have different laws of physics and even different compositions of air. There weren’t such great differences between Lambda and Sakado’s world, but if Sakado was simply taken to Lambda without any adjustments being made, it was possible that his lifespan would be shortened or he would transform into a bizarre creature due to the Mana floating about in the air.

Vida would adjust his soul to prevent that, but these adjustments would become what were referred to as “champions’ powers.” The “blank space” of the soul upon which adjustments could be made were called, “the qualities of a champion.”

… The adjustments could have been made more freely if

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