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Volume N/A - CH 57

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The Eclipse King is crowned, and a saint receives a Divine Message

A week after Vandalieu was acknowledged as the king of Talosheim, a grand coronation ceremony was held.

“Isn’t it fine for me to just declare that I’ll become the king?” asked Vandalieu. “I’ll even prepare a proper party afterwards.”

“Holy Son, though this kind of ceremony may seem meaningless at first glance, you must change your way of thinking and realize that there is meaning in consciously acknowledging the fact that you are the king,” said Nuaza.

With that, it was decided that a proper ceremony would be held and various preparations were made.

First was the crown and throne, which Vandalieu made hastily out of Orichalcum, saying, “Let’s make do these for now.” They were the color of black metal fragments of the Dragon Golem that were used as materials for them, but apparently this amount of Orichalcum would be worth enough to buy a castle or two.

Tarea had desperately wanted to build them, but Vandalieu had her prioritize the manufacturing of arms. These royal Orichalcum products would probably be used as materials for shields and armor soon anyway, so he had decided that he would have her build more after the war.

After that, the day of the coronation ceremony was announced to everyone and preparations for a feast were made. Vandalieu had the feeling that this took up most of the week.

“For the king himself to be cooking… should I call myself the Cooking*?” Vandalieu wondered.

TLN*: In case it’s not immediately obvious, this is a pun on the fact that there is the word “king” in “cooking”.

“Bocchan, what would you do if that actually appeared on your Status?” Saria asked him.

Vandalieu’s pun was not well-received.

After that, everyone dressed up (albeit in clothes made of clean furs, making them look like a tribe of savages) and stood in rows in the assembly hall built in front of the royal castle.

“Hey, hey! Why do I have to be a military officer standing at the front?!” Borkus complained. “I’m a free adventurer!”

“B-boy, I am still training myself, so I do not think I am fit to take the position of the royal court mage…” Zadiris mumbled.

“Bocchan! I am but a coachman and caretaker of horses! Being appointed to a civil official position is too much for the likes of me!” Sam exclaimed.

“… I’ve hardened my resolve, so why has nobody else hardened theirs?” asked Vandalieu. “You all don’t know when to give up. Especially you, Sam. Why do you think I made an assembly hall that a carriage can pass through?”

There was apparently a meaning to the ceremony, so Vandalieu had mercilessly filled the vacant positions of military officer, civil official and royal court mage. Well, they were more like the noble’s seats in the plaza, however.

“Now then, the coronation ceremony will now begin,” Nuaza announced.

He was the one conducting the ceremony. It was customary for the leader of the Church of Vida to conduct

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