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westcorphotels > Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief > Chapter 2082 - Bitter

Chapter 2082 - Bitter

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Chapter 2082: Bitter

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Amongst everyone, Feng Cheng was the most disappointed upon learning that Zhai Sheng had gotten married and was even expecting a child. She had even thought that her daughter finally stood a chance since Zhai Sheng had been unwilling to get back together with Qiu Chenxi all these years, especially since her daughter was so persistent.

Who would have known that Zhai Sheng would have gotten married and was now even expecting a child even before she had even visited the Zhai family? It was such a pity. If she had known that this would be the case, she would have gone to visit the Zhai family earlier. Perhaps, she would even have found a reason to return to Ping Cheng, giving the excuse that she missed Old Shi. That way, she would have been able to get closer to the Zhai family.

“Mom.” Shi Qing, who had just returned home, said hello to Feng Cheng before returning to her room to have a change of clothes.

Feng Cheng’s expression was downcast at the dinner table. “Qing Qing, Zhai Sheng’s wife is pregnant. You…” Qing Qing had probably not given up on Zhai Sheng yet. Before Zhai Sheng had gotten remarried, she would have agreed to her daughter getting married to Zhai Sheng, even though it would be Zhai Sheng’s second marriage..

But the situation was different now that Zhai Sheng was married and his wife was pregnant. If Qing Qing were to interfere at this time, Old Shi would never have agreed to it if he were around and would even give Qing Qing a good lecture and beating. Although she was not capable of doing so, she would not support Qing Qing doing something like that either. “Qing Qing, don’t you love the military a lot? It hasn’t been easy for you to reach the position you’re in today. Don’t do anything silly.”

Because Zhai Sheng was a soldier, his marriage had been a military marriage that was protected by the military. If Qing Qing lost all self-control and did anything immoral, her years of effort and hard work would go to waste. “Think about it… The Feng family always praises you on the surface but I know what they truly think about you. They’re probably waiting for you to fall from grace one day. Qing Qing, don’t do anything silly.”

Feng Cheng could not bear to let Shi Qing build a career in the military. If given a choice, she would much rather her daughter have a normal desk job. Perhaps it was because her daughter had spent too much time in the military that her temper had grown worse and would refuse to give in to anyone.

How many men in the world would truly love such a strong woman and be willing to marry her?

If she were to change her career path and tone down her temper, she might very well get married!

But Feng Cheng’s tone changed at the mention of her family. Yes, Qing Qing was no longer young and she herself was full of white hair. But that did not mean that she was an old foggy.

In fact, Fen

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