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Volume N/A - CH 23

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There was no response to the wishing bracelet on the first day, it didn’t attract attention on the second day either.

Today is the 10th day.

Elle dropped her head to the table, and muttered.

“I worked so hard on it…”

How can they just ignore it?

She wanted to make more, but was worried that the samples were showing signs of failure. She was also having trouble facing Leticia, who always went out to the square with her to help.

“Let’s wait a little longer. We might get a better response tomorrow.”

Leticia comforted her with a light pat on the shoulder as Elle was feeling down in the dumps.

Elle avoided her eyes, and murmured quietly.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Elle felt ashamed and upset that she was so useless and pathetic, especially since Leticia trusted her. She was pouting with her lip out. Ian was watching her, and trying to bite his tongue.

“We’re just beginning and you’re already giving up.”

“What! Are you in my shoes?”

“I doubt I’d whine like you.”

“That time is crawling up on you.”

Ian’s sarcasm made Elle wonder why she was ever depressed, as she sat up and turned to Ian. He needed to understand that she wasn’t the only one who had this problem, but he’d already left the drawing room.

“Here we go again.”

Enoch shook his head as the chase began. Sitting opposite Enoch was Leticia, who smiled in a very familiar scene and said.

“It’s nice to see they’re close.”

“Thank you for seeing it that way.”

As soon as Enoch thanked Leticia for her positive consideration, Elle caught Ian and came back while dragging him along.

“You don’t think I’ll make a dime even if I have a hit.”

“Make money, then come talk to me.”

Enoch stared coldly at the scene of Elle and Ian arguing on their way back. The twins belatedly figured out the atmosphere and sat down quietly.

“Come to think of it, the hunting festival is about to begin.”

“It was always around this time, right?”

Looking at the siblings’ obvious attempt to change the subject, Enoch clicked his tongue and handed Leticia a cup of tea. After nodding in appreciation, Leticia sipped her tea and became lost in thought.

‘A hunting festival…’

The royal family held a hunting festival immediately after the Imperial knight ceremony to give the new recruits an opportunity to show off their talents and skills.

However, the nobles had other concerns.

When the hunting festival begins, men give white roses to women they are interested in, and women give ribbon straps similar to their eye color to wish them a safe return.

It was the day that both men and women dreamed of most, because the largest numbers of lovers formed this time of the year.

Leticia glanced at Enoch.

However, Enoch drank his tea with an indifferent look on his face, and there was no response.

‘I’m sure he’ll get the most ribbons at the hunting festival this year.’

During the knighthood ceremony, many young ladie

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