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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 22

Volume N/A - CH 22

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Chapter 22. If You Really Want It

‘It was so easy.’

Leticia smiled bitterly as she looked at the sunny sky.

She felt better now that she had cut off all of her useless ties, but somehow she felt empty inside. It seemed that these complicated feelings would not leave her for a long time.

But Leticia had no regrets.

‘It feels rather good.’

It felt like she’d broken free of a shackle around her ankle that was dragging her down.

It wasn’t as bad as she thought, and it was time for her to smile again.

“Are you all right?”

Leticia heard a low voice and turned her head to meet Enoch’s worried eyes. She then noticed that Elle and Ian were looking at her with the same expression.

Leticia began to feel emotional from their worry.

‘The only reason I can stand like this right now…’

It’s only because these people are here.

‘What do I say…’

They look at Leticia like they care about her and want to protect her.

At that moment, something came up from deep in her chest and Leticia squeezed her hands. She just couldn’t think of a way to express this feeling.

She wanted to show her heart, if only a little bit.

“Thank you.”

Leticia raised her head slowly to meet his gaze.

All she could do was say thank you.

Enoch smiled and reached out to Leticia as if her feelings had reached him.

“Let’s go then.”

Hands that look big and warm at a glance.

Leticia was staring down at his hand, then grasped it with a smile.

The four of them were headed for the Achilles’ mansion.

‘There was a home to go back to.’

She felt really happy.

Leticia couldn’t control her elation, so she held Enoch’s hand and laughed.

She wanted to hold onto these overwhelming feelings for a long time.

And hoped.

‘I hope we can move forward more today than yesterday.’


“I still don’t understand what she’s thinking.”

As soon as they arrived at the Leroy residence, Diana muttered with a grim expression.

‘You don’t even have an ability, but you’re talking big.’

It was really unseemly. It was an indulgence to feel sorry for them.

Emil was watching Diana bite her lip, and said dryly.

“There’s nothing our elder sister can do anyway.”

Her ability hasn’t even awakened, and the only people around her are the pathetic Achilles family.

Leticia may kneel and apologize to Diana, but she will never kneel and apologize to Leticia.

Diana gave a small nod in confirmation.

“How long are you going to keep calling her sister? She’s not family anymore.”

“It’s a minimum courtesy.”

“You’re so very polite.”

Diana turned her head in disapproval.

It was a waste to respect Leticia.

Next to Diana, who was making a wry expression, Emil suddenly asked curiously.

“By the way, who were they?”


“The two who defended our first sister.”

“Oh, those brats?”

Diana smiled crookedly recalling the twins in their commoners clothing, strutti

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