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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 5
Leticia laughed a little without realizing it, but as soon as she let go of his hand, she asked.

“Come to think of it, is your hand okay?”

“Thanks to you, I recovered quickly.”

“Thank God.”

“But why don’t you try it yourself?”


As she tilted his head, Enoch naturally winked toward his younger siblings.

Only then,did Leticia touch her cheek embarrassingly when she realizedthathe meant to play the game.

“Well, I’m unlucky.”


“But people around me are good at things like that.”

It was a fascinating thing.

Oddly enough, shealwaysfailedwhenshe played such games, but her family always won. Perhaps that’s why the Marquis loved his other children more, and he always lamented that she was an unlucky one.

It was then.



At the same time as the sudden cheers, Enoch’s younger siblings ran over with a big smile.

“We won a bag of flour!”

The owner was preparing a bag of flour with a mixed expression when the kids screamed with excitement. Enoch’s sister approached quickly as Leticia clapped her hands saying they did well.

“Oh, where are my manners? I have to say hello first. My name is El. Elle Achilles.”

“And I…….”

“This is my spoiled twin brother, Ian Achilles.”

Ian glared at El, who intercepted his introduction. However, El, who ignored him, just stared at Leticia as if waiting for something.

Recognizingwhatthat meant, Leticia slowly opened her mouth.

“Oh, I’m Leticia Leroy.”

“I see, thanks to Miss Leroy, I got a bag of flour! I’ll give you half a bag….…….”

“No, it’s fine.”

Right away, Leticia hurriedly waved her hands and refused. Elle then pursed her lips in disappointment.

Enoch, who was quietly watching the three, said to Leticia.

“But it’s true.”


“I mean, people around you are lucky.”

At first, hedidn’t believe what she said was true, but now he believed it.

When Enochglancedat her with a curious look, Leticiasmirkedas if she understood.

“See? I’m right, right?”

Theyhadmet for the first time today, but Enoch’s younger siblings treated her as if they had known her for a long time. Thanks to this, Leticia didn’t feel awkwardabout allthe time she spent with the three.

“Come visit our mansion sometime. I’ll make you a tart. I’ll make it with the flour I got thanks to you, so make sure to come,” said El. But next to her, Ian disagreed.

“You’ll get sick if you eat what she makes.”

“Who are you to interrupt? I’m making it!”

El was annoyed, lightly pushing Ian’s arm away.

Atthispoint, Enochfeltashamed of his siblings who started arguing. Leticia, who quietly alternated between the three, began laughing withoutevenrealizing it.

The three naturally turned toward Leticia.

Smiling brightly, Leticia wriggled her hands with a bewildered look on her eyes.

“I’m sorry if I offended you. I’m just……….”


“I’m jealous.”

Even if they looked at each

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