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Volume N/A - CH 20

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Chapter 20 - You’ll See, I’m Sure It’ll Be Successful

‘Whose brother is that? He looks so cool!’

Elle looked at the well-dressed Enoch, and clapped her hands excitedly.

He had no financial resources and was ignored by the nobility, but his appearance was so overwhelming that he could not be ridiculed.

Elle wondered if Ian had the same idea as her. She turned her head a little bit and made eye contact with Ian, who looked at her with a similar expression. The siblings looked at each other and grinned. As she looked at Enoch again, Elle noticed that his gaze had turned to them.

Elle was about to wave with a happy expression on her face.

She thought they made eye contact, but then his gaze shifted slightly.


She went in the direction of his gaze and found Leticia standing right next to her.

Leticia smiled gently and clapped her hands as soon as she made eye contact with Enoch.


Elle was alternating between Enoch and Leticia, she glanced at Ian with a questioning look. Maybe it was because they’re twins, but they could get a sense of what the other was thinking without having to say anything.

‘There seems to be something going on between the two.’

They even looked a little lonely.

What was even more surprising was the fact that the two of them looked better together than she had expected.

Ian nodded with the same expression as Elle.

It was time for the Achilles twins to begin their surreptitious plans without Enoch and Letisha knowing.

“I guess she’s not ashamed of being excommunicated.”

“If you were ashamed, would you come out to see your ex-fiancé’s face?”

“I’m embarrassed just seeing her.”

There was whispered gossip three paces behind them, Elle and Ian’s faces hardened.

Just as they were about to turn around to face the gossipers.

“Don’t let your face turn sour on such a good day, okay?”

Leticia smiled slightly with a calm expression, apparently the two of them weren’t the only ones who heard it.

Seeing her act as if this was no big deal, Ian asked cautiously.

“Did you know?”

She knew that she would be subjected to this kind of backbiting at the ceremony.

The words didn’t come out, but they were enough for Leticia to squirm and stare straight ahead.

“I expected a little bit.”

Leticia knew it would happen someday, and she didn’t want to avoid it.

Besides, it was a good day for Enoch as he became a member of the Imperial knights. She wanted to celebrate and share the joy with him.

“I’m sorry I asked you to come with me…”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know and I was happy you came too…”

They bowed their heads as Ian and Elle gripped Leticia’s sleeves tightly on either side of her.

Leticia shook her hand in embarrassment at their dejected faces.

“Don’t say that, I’m glad I came with you.”

She was grateful that they thought of her as someone to share such a happy day with.

But Elle and Ian still didn’t

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