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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 4

Volume N/A - CH 4

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“Diana, how did you spend your time today?”

At the dinner table. Marquis Leroy asked, setting a finely chopped steak down in front of Diana. Diana glanced at Leticia and smiled broadly.

“I had a chat with brother Levion over tea.”

Leticia, who was silently eating, paused. Even though she was in the mansion, she didn’t know Levion came. It meant that Levion came to see only Diana, and not her.

Pretending not to see Leticia, who was frozen and still, Marquis Leroy continued asking Diana.

“Young Master Elle?”

“Yes. He even gave me a present saying he was sorry he couldn’t come to my birthday party.”

The Leroy and the Elle family were close since childhood and were comfortable calling each other informally.

Diana held out her wrist, bragging about how Levion had given her a ruby bracelet.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

“It looks good on you, dear. Do you like it?”

“Yes! I’ve been wearing this bracelet for a while now.”

She even waved it deliberately to show it to Leticia as if Leticia couldn’t already see it.

Leticia, however, just ate quietly. It was then when Diana lost interest and turned away with a sour face.

Somehow, Leticia felt her throat burning, she took a sip of water and sighed.

‘He came to give Diana a present.’

She tried to pretend to be fine, but she couldn’t help but have mixed feelings inside.

The reason Levion came to the mansion was not because of her, but because of Diana.

There was something else she was upset about.

‘You didn’t celebrate my birthday. You said it’s a joke.’

They didn’t get engaged because they loved each other, but they still spent some time together, so she thought there was at least a hint of affection and minimal interest.

But now, almost three years after they got engaged, Leticia was not so sure.

As Leticia continued to nibble, the Marquis asked Emil.

“Emil, how is life at the Academy these days? Are your preparations for the Imperial Civil Service going well?”

“Yes, I’m working hard, so trust me.”

Emil, the third son of the Leroy family, was smart to enter the academy, where only one in a hundred could get in, and the professors had high hopes for him.

Later, the Marquis asked his fourth son, Xavier, if he should become a member of the Imperial Knights, and gave his fifth daughter, Irene, a worried look, wondering if it would be too hard for her to study at the Academy of Magic.


Watching the scene, Leticia tried to swallow a bitter smile.

The Marquis expressed his concerns for his children in a gentle voice, but he did not give Leticia even a single glance. It was as if he didn’t need her.

She felt like she was alone again. No, it was the moment when she realized once again that she was alone all along.

“I’m sorry, but may I be excused? I’m a little tired.”

Leticia asked cautiously, after all, she just couldn’t get the food down her throat. The Marquis nodded insincerely and continued

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