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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 11

Volume N/A - CH 11

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*Few minutes before Leticia gave Enoch the bracelet.*

“Don’t be nervous and do well.”

El, who had followed Enoch to cheer him on, said while lightly grasping Enoch’s hand. Enoch laughed at El’s somewhat tragic expression.

“If anyone saw you, they would think you were going to take the test, not me.”

“It’s probably because I’m nervous. Anyway, just go and do your best. You definitely have to do your best. And ………..”

El shook her head with a pensive look on her face in the middle of her sentence. Ian, who thought why suddenly his confident sister looked like that, however, he too, had a troubled look on his face and only touched his neck.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Enoch asked his siblings.

“It’s a gold thread bracelet.” El replied.

“Ah….” Enoch said.

That’s what it was.

It’s a superstition that good things will happen if you wear a bracelet made of woven gold thread, so everyone participating in this entrance exam wore a gold thread bracelet.

Enoch looked casually down at his empty wrist and patted El on the head.

“I already have good luck with your wish.” Enoch said.

El and Ian were sorry that they didn’t have the golden thread bracelet that was supposed to bring good results to give to their brother.

But Enoch told Eel and Ian not to worry.

“I’ll do my best this time.”

He had finally passed the candidate exam, which he failed so many times before, and now there’s only the official entrance exam left. He had to pass unconditionally in order to recover the lost status of his family.

It would be a lie to say if he didn’t feel pressured. But Enoch didn’t have time to sit back and resign.

With a heavy sigh, Enoch looked around surreptitiously. No matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t see the person he was waiting for.

‘She won’t come, will she?’

He was worried about whether he had put too much pressure on Leticia. But soon his worries vanished when he encountered Leticia.

Leticia handed something out to Enoch with a bright smile.

“You can take it if you like?”

It was none other than a gold thread bracelet.

It was a handmade gold thread bracelet, one could not obtain it from anywhere else.

Enoch tried to refuse it, but Leticia smiled and put the bracelet directly on his wrist.

“It looks good on you. I wish you the best of luck.”

Leticia’s gorgeous pink hair swept against the wind, and Leticia smiled as she gently tucked her hair back, keeping her eyes down.

Enoch couldn’t take his eyes off the image before his eyes.

“Thank you.”

Enoch smiled smoothly, looking at the gold thread bracelet on his wrist.

It was nice.


After the entrance exam, Levion, who didn’t go back home but unexpectedly visited the Leroy mansion.

Marquis Leroy, who had just returned to the mansion from his long business trip, was puzzled for a while, but he smiled and greeted Levion.

“Well done, Lord Elle.”

“Thank you, Marquis.”


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