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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 10

Volume N/A - CH 10

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Enoch gulped when he saw Leticia struggling to hold back her tears.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her from the first time he saw her.

Leticia seemed heartbroken and her blue eyes drooped pitifully. Despite the impression that she was weaker than anyone else, she was infinitely kind to people and could not be left alone.

It’s hard to resist the urge to protect her.

“Since Young Lady seems to be very anxious, I’ll give you my lucky charm.”


Leticia wiped away the tears with her sleeves and looked up with curious eyes. As soon as their gazes intertwined, Enoch took out something from his pocket as if he had waited.

“Lord Achilles, this is…….”

Enoch gave Leticia a handkerchief. It was just an ordinary white handkerchief, but it had a small four-leaf clover on the bottom.

As soon as she saw it, Leticia recognized it was the handkerchief which she gave Enoch on their first meeting.

When she opened her eyes in surprise, Enoch said with a gentle smile,

“This is my lucky charm.”


“It means a lot to me, so please take good care of it.”

The gray eyes that looked at her were warm and cozy like sunlight.

Leticia’s face seemed to heat up as she faced him, and she squeezed the handkerchief Enoch tightly.

“It’s something you cherish, I’ll be sure to return it to you.”

“It’s okay.”


Leticia raised her head and looked straight at Enoch.

“I’ll definitely give it back.”

She looked more determined than ever.

He smiled and nodded lightly, thinking, ‘I knew I won’t win.’


Then she added, “And….”

After hesitating for a moment, Leticia spoke cautiously.

“I will definitely repay you for what you have done for me, Lord Achilles.”

“What do you mean ‘repay’?”

“I feel like I’m always getting things from you.”

Enoch, who had been looking casually at Leticia, who held her handkerchief tightly like a lifeline, raised the corners of his mouth smoothly.

“I’d like you to come to the next test, if you don’t mind.”


“I thought it would cheer me up if Young Lady came.”

Enoch’s gray eyes sparkled especially today.

He pretended not to, but his expression already looked very expectant.

“If it’s too much of a burden for you….”

“Not at all! I will definitely come!”

Leticia replied quickly, even though she was unsure if she should go.

“I want to go and support you.”

She clasped her hands together with a serious expression on her face.

Enoch finally smiled brightly.

“I’ll be waiting for you then.”

The moment Letica faced Enoch’s cheerful gray eyes, she felt a tingling sensation in her fingers.

‘It’s strange.’

Leticia, who was touching her hands, glanced at Enoch, and Enoch was looking at her with a smile that seemed like it was about to melt at any moment,

‘It’s very strange.’

What was even weirder was the incomprehensible feeling that she felt for the first time.



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