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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 25

Volume N/A - CH 25

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Elle’s steps were relentless, as if she was about to storm into the Leroy’s mansion. Leticia, who was holding her hand, was being dragged along.

Poor Leticia sighed and tugged on Elle’s hand. As soon as she looked back, Leticia spoke slowly as soon as she made eye contact with Elle.

“For today, can’t we spend it together?”

Leticia didn’t want to go, because there was no way that good words would be exchanged.

But Elle was adamant.

“First of all, I want that apology.”

“Why don’t we go tomorrow, instead of today.”


The moment her gaze met Leticia’s, Elle began to hesitate more and more.

Fingertips that barely touch and eyes filled with sorrowful longing. Elle let out a short sigh, her heart was being swayed by Leticia’s desperate voice.

Leticia held Elle’s hand tightly when she tried to walk again.

“I wanted to congratulate you while eating delicious food.”


“Can’t we, Miss Elle?”

She squeezed both of Elle’s hands when she spoke, but Elle pouted in frustration.

“Oh, come on. Talking like that is unfair.”

Elle wanted to visit the Leroy mansion immediately and make a scene. However, the moment she faced those blue eyes looking at her mournfully, Elle’s motivation disappeared like mist.

It was not long before Elle shrugged her shoulders lightly in defeat.

“Come to think of it, how long are you going to keep calling me Miss.”


“I think we’re close enough to call each other without titles.”

Elle narrowed her eyes in displeasure. Leticia, who had been looking at Elle, glanced at Enoch without realizing.

Ian noticed the glance before Elle did.

“Did you call Big Brother without honorifics first?”



Embarrassed by Ian’s words, Leticia and Enoch looked at each other and turned their heads away immediately.

But they were already caught.

“Wow, I’m about to get upset.”

“This is betrayal!”

Enoch quickly took Leticia, and avoided eye contact. Elle and Ian joined forces to demand an immediate explanation.

The twins chased after him with disgruntled expressions on their faces as he ran away.

It was an out of the blue chase, but the smiles wouldn’t leave the four of them.


Marquis Leroy was in a good mood lately.

It was because of Count Aster’s offer to invest in the mining business, which he’d almost had to close, and Marquis El told Livion that he would be engaged to Diana.

A family with abilities will have a deeper relationship with each other if their children were to get married later.

With Emil’s performance at the Academy, he was expected to become an Imperial official this year. Marquis Leroy did not have to worry much about Xavier because he quickly recovered from the mercy of the horse.

If Irene hadn’t lost her test paper at the Academy of Magic.

“You can’t even properly hand in a piece of paper!”

Irene’s performance so far has been good enough to qualify her for the Im

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