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Volume N/A - CH 24

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“Darn it! Why are you suddenly taking back your investment?”

Marquis Leroy was organizing his business plan in his office, and was unable to control his frustration and violently hit his desk. A few months ago, he was told that it would be an honor to invest in his mining business.

Now the man changed his mind, and withdrew his investment. The reason he could get away with it was because the contract was not stamped with the family’s seal.

‘Only wages to the miners need to be covered…’

There were some negative financial repercussions to buying a mine. However, it was a valuable investment because it was an ore that could replace pink diamonds.

‘I’m just a little short on money.’

He was trying to get the investment because he was working on another business, but his investor suddenly withdrew.

‘This could disrupt the mining operation.’

He was seriously thinking about where to borrow money from when the Marquis heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

When the permission was given, the butler carefully opened the door and entered.

“What’s going on?”

“Count Aster is here to see you.”



Marquis Leroy couldn’t hide his confusion when he was told that the Count was waiting for him in the drawing room.

He didn’t expect someone he hadn’t met in so long to just visit him. Why so suddenly?

Rather than being worried about the rudeness of visiting without contacting him first, he was more curious about why he had come to visit.

‘Count Aster.’

Marquis Leroy roughly arranged his desk and left for the drawing room.

‘If it was Count Aster…’

It was a name he remembered because it was famous for something very important.

The Marquis furrowed his brow as he tried to figure out what the important thing was. He thought hard, but before he knew it, he’d arrived at the drawing room.

Marquis Leroy entered the drawing room with a stiff expression and shook hands with Count Aster.

“It’s nice to meet you, Count Aster.”

The Count was waiting leisurely for Marquis Leroy to arrive and greeted him with a genial smile.

“I’m honored to meet you like this, Marquis Leroy. I’m also sorry for being rude by coming here without contacting you first.”

“Don’t worry too much about it and take a seat.”

Count Aster had a magnanimous expression, but he still couldn’t remember where he knew the man from.

‘I think it was about money…’

Was there a lot of debt?

No. Did he commit fraud?

He didn’t think so. What the heck was it?

The Marquis tried to think it over again slowly.

“I’ve heard that Marquis has recently bought a mine and started a business.”

“I’m actually really busy with it.”

“Oh, no. I might make you busier.”

“What kind of…”

Count Aster laughed aloud as the Marquis stared at him, unable to understand his intentions.

“I really want to invest.”

“Wait, what…?”

Marquis Leroy’s mind froze as he couldn’t believe what

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