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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 31

Volume N/A - CH 31

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“Look over there.”

“Oh, my God.”

The eyes of the ladies, who were cooling themselves with feathered fans, turned to one place. Their gazes were turned towards a pair of lovers, who were smiling brightly and dancing.

There was so much warmth and affection between the two that spectators thought they might melt.

“Isn’t that Duke Achilles?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“By the way, who’s the lady he’s dancing with?”

“Isn’t that the eldest daughter who was recently expelled from the Leroy family?”

The Duke of Achilles, who is known for his misfortune in everything that he does, and the young woman, whose ability is to make others unhappy.

One of the ladies, who was watching the two, murmured softly.

“Better than I thought…”

They look good together.

Whenever their eyes met, Enoch looked at Leticia lovingly, and Leticia would tuck her head shyly.

Her figure was as fresh as a flower that had just bloomed.

Even the onlookers’ mouths lifted in satisfaction.

“I thought he didn’t know how to smile, since he always walked around without an expression.”

“I can’t get the smile off of my face.”

A man, who looked like a tree towering high without a single leaf in the middle of winter, was smiling as if he had just met the spring sun. He looked wonderful, and the noblewomen glanced at Enoch and Leticia.

“Come to think of it, didn’t that excommunicated girl have a fiancé?”

“She was expelled, it’s only natural that it was broken off.”

“I think she suits Duke Achilles better.”

“Oh, my God.”

One of the ladies, who had been engrossed in chatter, turned her head to find a man standing next to her and hastily stopped speaking.

“Well, I think I’ll have some more champagne.”

“I’m coming with you.”

“Me too…”

The women all smiled awkwardly as soon as they recognized the young man.

The only one left was Levion, who glared at the couple like he wanted to tear them apart at any moment.

‘They look good together?’

He clenched his fists, tighter and tighter.

Leticia, who would often avoid his eyes when she was with him, was smiling brightly at Enoch. What made him even angrier was that he held Leticia as if it were his right.

“It doesn’t look good on you.”

He clicked his tongue while he grimaced, his expression hardened as soon as he saw the ribbon tied to Enoch’s wrist.

At first glance, it looked like a common ribbon, but the blue color reminded him of Leticia’s eyes.

To the point that it could never be considered a coincidence.

‘Did you give it to him?’

It wasn’t enough that Leticia refused the white rose he offered her, she had to give her ribbon to him. Levion had been clenching his teeth, when he burst out laughing.

A white rose dangled from Leticia’s hair ornament.

He could feel his heart twisting just picturing them handing each other the white rose and ribbon.

He just couldn’t help but stare at them, and at the moment when he

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