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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 15

Volume N/A - CH 15

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Why did that man come here?”

Elle, who was watching Leticia and Levion from a small distance, asked with a dissatisfied look. Ian, who was standing next to her, answered as if it was obvious.

“He must have come to pick her up.”


“Their families must be close.”


Elle, who had no idea about any of this, opened her eyes wide in surprise and immediately turned her head to Enoch.

“What if she says she’s going, Brother?”

In his head, Leticia had already decided to leave. Elle looked up at Enoch with a worried look, but Enoch just looked at Leticia and Levion without saying a word.

Enoch said with a resignation in his voice.


If Leticia agreed to follow Levion, no one could hold her here.


“We’ll have a conversation before that.”

Like the Leroy family, the El family has special abilities. Leticia, who was expelled from her family for having no ability, was unlikely to be welcomed.

I was wondering how I could talk to her if she decided to leave, when Levion stood up quickly with a stiff face.

Shortly after, he quickly strode towards Enoch as if enraged.



Levion wore a look of deep disapproval.

Enoch did not shy away, rather he faced him with a cold stare.

Levion stood in front of Enoch as if he had something to say, he glared and then walked away.

Elle, who was watching the whole scene, burst into stunned laughter.

“If you suddenly visit, shouldn’t you say sorry or thank you?”


“It’s not just the Leroy family’s personality, but the other family’s personality is also bad.”

Elle mumbled to herself that next time she sees him, she won’t let him get away with it.

She felt someone hesitatingly approaching her from behind. Elle looked behind her, Leticia stood there, touching her fingertips together with a look of embarrassment.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been so rude.”

“No! Leticia didn’t do anything wrong.”

Elle waved her hands frantically while saying it was all a joke. Leticia’s expression finally softened.

Seeing that Leticia’s mood had improved, Elle’s curiosity started to get the best of her.

“Well, by the way…”


“What did you talk about?”


Just as Elle was about to ask, Enoch interrupted her and looked at Ian. Ian realized what the look meant, and he tactfully tugged on Elle’s arm.

“Come with me to pick strawberries.”

“Didn’t we pick all the strawberries? Just let me ask… “

“Yes, yes. Let’s go pick apples then.”

When Ian took Elle, who was trying to stay, there was only Enoch and Leticia left in the room.

As he looked at Leticia, who was wearing a puzzled expression, Enoch managed to swallow what he wanted to ask her.

‘Are you leaving?’

He felt like she’d be hurt again

He didn’t want her to be hurt again.

So don’t go, the words rose up in his chest.

Enoch, however, managed to bear it and smiled calmly.

“Let’s go as well.”

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