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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 28

Volume N/A - CH 28

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The biggest concern of the three-day Hunting festival was the one thing that mattered the most.

“I wonder who’s going to win this year’s Hunting festival.”

“Won’t it be Sir El?”

“That’s right. Who else is there?”

The young nobles glanced at Levion while they were speaking. The contrast between his silver hair and black uniform, it looked very good on him. Even the way he walked was elegant, so there were many young ladies with Levion on their minds.

Diana was displeased with the way they were whispering and blushing, she sipped her tea and smiled.

‘He’s going to be my fiancé soon, so I’ll be more generous than usual.’

That feeling did not last long though.

“But isn’t Lord Achilles a strong contender, too?”

“Hey, I heard that he was also compared to Lord El in the article about the Knight Entry test.”

Their eyes naturally turned to Enoch at those words.

WIth his black as night hair, his skin as pale as the moon. Slightly turned down eyes that had a seductive quality that would make you blush. Underneath the uniform was wide shoulders and a sleek waistline. He has distinctive features and a solid looking body.

The strong and sharp impression that even if a hard winter wind blew, it wouldn’t ruffle a single hair on his head.

“I heard that his business is doing well these days.”

“Actually, they’re still in debt. His family did contribute to the founding of the Empire though.”

Before they knew it, the topic of conversation began to flow around Enoch, not Levion. Words that would have been pitying and derisory changed to quiet admiration, as if the previous ridicule had never happened.

“But you never know when the tide will turn again.”

Diana put down her teacup as if the conversation was uncomfortable to hear. As soon as they noticed, they exchanged looks and quickly tried to change the subject.

“Do you know what happened after I wore the wishing bracelet made by Miss Achilles?”

“That’s right. I’m dating someone that I was in love with for a long time.”

“Oh, is that true?”

“Of course. We exchanged a white rose and a ribbon.”

“Miss Elle, do you have any plans to make more bracelets?”

The young ladies who were chatting among themselves at the tea table a little far away tittered as they saw Elle. By the way they were talking, they were willing to pay millions for a new bracelet.

‘What’s the point of such a thing?’

Saying that something good happened since wearing the bracelet was just a coincidence. It seemed foolish to argue with them, so Diana just clicked her tongue.

In the distance, she could see Leticia handing something to Enoch. Diana figured she was giving him a ribbon.

‘The unlucky ones are playing well together.’

Diana shook her head at how pitiful Leticia is. Then she saw someone approaching Leticia after Enoch returned to the hunting grounds. Diana jumped out of her seat without realizing it.

It was Levion who was approaching

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