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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 12

Volume N/A - CH 12

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Levion ruffled his hair as soon as he left the house of Leroy.

‘I didn’t mean to do that.’

Remembering the sight of her with another man at the exam site, he reacted harshly without realizing it.

Levion couldn’t stop himself, even though he knew in his heart he shouldn’t.

He was walking out the door with a deep sigh when he heard the Marquis’ voice.

“Are you leaving now?”

Levion looked back at him.

“Yes, sir. It’s late and I think it’s best if I go home now.”

“Yes, have a safe trip.”

Marquis Leroy patted Levion on the shoulder with a nice smile and said;

“I’ll see you again soon.”

“Yes, you should go back in.”

Levion bowed politely and climbed into the carriage.

At that moment, he realized something was wrong.

‘There’s been talk of breaking off the engagement, but you want to meet again soon?’

The Marquis’ words felt strange to him.

Levion leaned back in his seat and decided he was overthinking it.

‘Letisha needs to awaken her powers soon…’

There had been talk of breaking off the engagement, but Levion had no intention of breaking things off with Leticia. He was just being harsh with Leticia thinking that a crisis might awaken her powers.

‘Come to think of it… how did I awaken?’

In the days when Leticia and he weren’t awakened, they would visit the Academy of Sciences to research what his ability could be.

One day Leticia, who had been watching over him, said;

[Hey, why don’t you try a physical activity instead?]

[A physical activity?]

[Yes, why don’t you try using a sword or a bow?]

Levion thought it was ridiculous, so he dismissed what Leticia said at the time.

Afterwards, he decided to try using a sword, figuring there was nothing to lose. There was an intense rush of energy and Levion instinctively realized that this was his ability.

The feeling of breathing properly… no… the feeling of being alive.

Levion’s heart was so full that he shed tears. Next to him, Leticia hugged and rejoiced with him.

Knowing very well the emotions of that day, Levion wanted Leticia to awaken and become more magnificent than anyone else. Sadly, reality was different from fantasy.

When Leticia had failed to awaken, she began to look tired of trying and seemed to give up.


Still… she couldn’t stop sighing.


“Oh, come on! My hair’s all messed up!”

Diana told the worried Marquis Leroy that she was fine. But upon returning to her room, and looking in the mirror, Diana began to scream. No matter how much she grabbed and shook her hair, it fell out as soon as she brushed it.

Eventually Diana couldn’t resist having a tantrum and threw her comb on the floor.

“How dare you!”

Jumping on me while you have no powers.

Thanks toLeticia, she couldn’t see Levion for a while. Just the thought of it made her so angry that she couldn’t stand it.

“It can’t be helped.”

She could no longer wait and watch that walkin

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