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Volume N/A - CH 19

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Chapter 19. In Order To Move Forward

‘It’s weird’

It was strange no matter how many times she thought about it.

The man who stood firm in front of her in a quiet hallway where only the faint trace of moonlight had crept in. The dark eyes that only contained Leticia, and her slightly disheveled hair, still came to mind clearly.

[Don’t put up with someone hurting you or taking you for granted.]

His eyes were cool, but his voice was so gentle that it brought tears to her eyes.

Leticia could feel that he meant it as he spoke, and she couldn’t look Enoch in the eyes.

[No one deserves to be hurt.]

Enoch was always like that.

He would say the words she wanted to hear the most as if it were the most natural thing.

‘What kind of expression did I have on my face at that moment…’

Leticia thought she might have bowed her head with a melancholic expression, and thanked him for his words.

One thing was for sure.

[Leticia. Is that what I should call you?]

That face that called her name with a sweet voice that seems to melt Leticia even now.

Unlike the cold and dry impression of midwinter, the way Enoch looked at Leticia was as warm as the spring sun.

[Sweet dreams. Leticia.]

The moment Enoch called her name with a soft smile, she could hear her heart thump.

Her fingertips started to itch, so Leticia stood there for a while and nudged them.

So it was strange.


Leticia stared at her hand with a dazed expression.

She could still remember that feeling clearly and it made her face feel hot.

What was even weirder was that she didn’t hate the feeling.


It felt different from when Levion called out her name.


How can it be so different because the person who said it is different?

She tilted her head dubiously.

“I’m back…”

Leticia heard a wistful voice say as they sat down next to her.

Leticia turned to face Elle, who was sighing with a tired look.

“Were you able to return it?”

“No, I didn’t see him.”

Elle couldn’t find the man she bumped into that day even after searching for a long time.

After lying on the table for a while, Elle sat up again and glanced at the envelope. Aside from the fact that she hadn’t found her drawing, it bothered Elle that she hadn’t been able to return something important to the other person.

“I went to the place where I bumped into the man, but I couldn’t find him.”

“I’m sure you’ll see him soon. It’s an important item.”

“I really hope so.”

Elle, who was sighing a lot, looked at Ian and nodded to the kitchen.

“I’m going to make tea. Do you want to come with me, Ian?”

“No. I’m going back to my room.”

“Yeah, of course.”

Unlike Elle, who went immediately to the kitchen, Ian sat there brooding for a while before he left. At that moment, Ian’s face looked a little dark

Leticia watched his back in silence, his face was hiding some complex feelings.

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