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westcorphotels > I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me > Volume N/A - CH 1
Chapter 1. I Was Abandoned By My Family

Leticia Leroy was ordinary. Her face was neither pretty or ugly, her height neither tall nor short, nothing she could do or couldn’t do particularly well, she was just nice… However, Leticia was the “naughty girl” and “apple of the eye” of the Marquis Leroy family. And if that wasn’t enough, she was the object of comparison with her siblings everywhere she went. Sadly, it was all too common. She was not as pretty as her second sister Diana, not as smart as her third brother Emil, and not as good with a sword as her fourth brother Xavier, and she wasn’t as talented for magic as her youngest sister Irene.

But Leticia never once felt jealous or envious of her siblings. In fact, she was proud of them. And yet, she never knew that her family was ashamed of her. That was, until the moment her family abandoned her.


“That’s how I told you to go meet people.”

Leticia’s shoulders slumped at the sharp look and cold voice. Unable to look at him properly, she lowered her head, he shouted even more harshly.

“I told you to stay away from the Duke of Achilles!”

“But he’s really nice…”

“Look how your sister got hurt when you hung out with the Duke of Achilles!”

Leticia raised her head in surprise at Marquis Leroy’s words.

“Diana, what’s wrong…..?”

There was a bandage around Diana’s wrist that wasn’t there yesterday. Before Leticia could approach Diana out of concern, Marquis Leroy stood in front of her. It was as if he was trying to protect Diana from something inauspicious.

“Are you trying to bring misfortune to us by tangling with that ill-fated family?”

[Misfortune is contagious.]

So stay away from the unlucky and the unhappy. That was what Marquis Leroy always told Leticia. She had to be more careful because she was unlucky. But she didn’t know why those words came to her mind now.

It was then.

“Leticia Leroy.”

Leticia stiffened at the sound of the voice calling her name.

It was just a name call. But why was her heart beating so fast and she felt suffocating?

The moment she locked gazes with the Marquis, thinking it was her imagination, Leticia seemed to be driven off the cliff. Her lips trembled at the somewhat ominous premonition.

“You’re expelled from the Leroy family.”

She felt a thud under her feet along with the sound of something large falling on her head.


She felt suffocated as she spoke, barely able to keep her voice together. She hoped the Marquis would tell her it was a lie, but there was no pity in his gaze.

Leticia squeezed her trembling hands and turned to her family. She wished with all her heart that anyone would help her. But there was no one. It was as if they had been waiting for this day to come. It was then that Leticia realized that her family was always looking for an opportunity to get rid of her. This was just an excuse to kick her out.

‘My family is abandoning me.’

In the end,

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