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westcorphotels > ACT OF GIVING > 5 Chapter Four: When Do You Give?
When you give also matters in giving. It is not just about how much you give or why you are giving. Some people have a particular time they give. If I may ask you, when do you give?

Do you wait until you have much with you?

You don't have to wait until you have much before you give. When you start giving from the little you have, G.o.d will bless you more so that you can give more. If you can give when you have little, you will be able to give even when you have more.

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"If the readiness is there, it is acceptable according to what a man has, not according to what he has not." - II Cor.8:12

Do you have a particular time or season you give?

You should not have a particular time or season you give because giving should be done at all time. You have to give regularly.

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to do it. Do not say to your neighbor, 'Go and come again, tomorrow I will give to you'." - Prov.3:27-28

Do you give only when you think you are led by the Spirit to give?

It is good to be led by the Spirit to give; such giving can come with specific instruction. But if you are not led by the Spirit, nothing should stop you from giving at other times. You don't wait only when you are led by the Spirit before you can give, because we are led by the Spirit to do good deeds, and giving is a good deed.

Do you give only when someone tells you to give?

You don't have to give only when someone tells you to give before you give, you should be able to decide and make up your mind by yourself to give. The desire and willingness to give should originate from you.

Do you give only when someone ask you to give to him or her?

There are some situations when someone will ask you to give to him or her, but if the person does not ask and you perceive the person is in need and you are in the right position to help and give to such person, you should do so with no hesitation.

Do you give only when it is convenient for you to give?

It is easier to give when it is convenient, probably when you have spare of your possession someone else need, or you are not presently in need of that possession or money at the moment. Even when the otherwise happen try to share or give at that moment, such giving is called 'Sacrificial giving'. You should do the same when G.o.d ask you to give in such condition. Sacrificial giving is an accelerator of divine blessing.

Do you give any time you feel like giving?

Your time of giving should not be subjected to your feelings. You should not give only the time you feel like giving. Your giving should be based on your knowledge about giving and not feeling because feeling is momentary, it is not stable.

You are meant to give every time. You have to give regularly, whether you have little or enough or much, and every time someone asks you to giv

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